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Audio - Audience Badlands - Hollywood,CA. 12-22-1990 - 06.02.09, 10:30 PM


Show or Bootleg Title:
Hollywood,CA. 12-22-1990

Show Venue:
The Troubadour

Audio - Audience

Audio Quality/Production Info:

Audio Lineage:
Aud > ? >Tdk Sa90 Cass (First Gen Copy) > Optimus SCt 39 Deck > Nero Wave Editor> Wav > Cd Wave (Split) > TLH > Flac Level 6

File Format:

Set List/Chapters:
1- Dancing On The Edge
2- High Wire
3- Fire Last Forever
4- Ball And Chain
5- Tribal Women
6- Jade's Song
7- Dreams In The Dark
8- Fire And Rain
9- Rumbling Train
10-Soul Stealer
12-Devil's Stomp
13-Drum Solo
14-Whiskey Dust
15-Winter's Call
16-Heaven's Train
15-Three Day Funk ( Incomplete )

Checksums or Fingerprints:
01-Dancing On The Edge.flac:9a257e4682ee75ee9d68f4a2c38bad67
02-High Wire.flac:0c74ff89e558fbb2e4cc0d6854533f14
03-Fire Last For Ever.flac:9d900b07becf069f5b14fe74c54aec08
04-Ball & Chain.flac:0fa717cd8d73029a8b732c2a7d4f7edd
05-Tribal Women.flac:6718dd00b5591460afbb660a4809baa6
06-Jade's Song.flac:9249e5ce2753652a25bce54fc9b37db8
07-Dreams In The Dark.flac:bc919c07f0eedca33546ab44691b6f28
08-Fire And Rain.flac:62cc6408d3cc2ef0f063b855d697ec0d
09-Rumbling Train.flac:5f790f63620a41c17ae57f850df9bf5e
10-Soul Stealer.flac:1f2f5eca424862a8205b2fc93585bd03
12-Devil's Stomp.flac:6a4c516aebab8092bfbf5f9c44c8e362
13-Drum Solo.flac:b1c9b73d31913e1ac657448f0f1a6adb
14-Whiskey Dust.flac:fcfa00cbede1587de63e269dae0a356e
15-Winter's Call.flac:d318290d544f002c896d29a8c79079de
16-Heaven's Train.flac:e9c283bb05f8c60e4b6dc8745da31caa
17-Three Day Funk.flac:f3a4c3fd4522d5d6bb9201e0266bd990

I have not seen any Badlands audio shows uploaded to the tracker.
So here's my small contribution.
Almost a complete show but I guess the taper ran out of tape at the end of three day funk.

Download and enjoy.

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06.03.09, 02:09 AM

Very cool post. Thanks for the Show & the info
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06.03.09, 10:26 AM

Thank You!!!!!
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06.03.09, 03:44 PM

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06.03.09, 04:50 PM

Thank You so Much! I love those guys.... and Ray Gillen, What a voice! He will always be missed!

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06.03.09, 06:02 PM

Thank you for sharing!
I was lucky enough to see these guys in concert for their debut album and get all their autographs signed on a poster.

I always loved Ray's voice!
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06.05.09, 02:54 PM

wow,thanks.I haven't seen may 1990 shows.
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06.20.09, 08:51 PM

thanks for sharing!
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