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Lightbulb An open letter to all JTT members - 08.10.15, 02:04 PM

Hi All: I really didn't know where to put this so feel free to move it as necessary.

Jam To This used to be a great place but lately things have changed and, in my opinion, not for the better. There seems to be some people on here who have made it a mission to post negatively about just about anything. I realize that this can indeed be a pain but I urge all members to just ignore these negative comments, myself included. People are making all of these negative comments because, for whatever reason, they need attention. By getting into a "war of words" with these people we are giving them exactly what they want. That's why I ask that we just ignore them. Things are likely to get worse before they get better because these people won't like the removal of the extra attention. Trust me, it will eventually get better but we must be patient. This is just my opinion and it's the way that I have chosen to deal with this matter because I know that it will work. Please join me in making this site as cool as it once was. Let's not look to the moderators to do all the work when we can ALL be a part of the solution.

Thanks to all that have taken the time to read this.
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08.11.15, 11:24 AM

Thx for this open letter, glad the members will correct each other Makes the place good to upload

I know I live in my own world, but that does not matter because they know me there

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08.11.15, 01:30 PM

Very well written, I wouldn't have done better, hoping that the member(s) recognize himself/themselves and will cease these inappropriate and abusive behavior.
JTT is a cool place to trade/share and not a land of war, even with words.
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08.11.15, 02:58 PM

I am agree completely with the words of my colleagues. The first rule of any forum is education that teach your parents, college, university and especially the life. JTT is full of people of different nationalities so we have to respect the culture and language of each person.
The World is full of problems and the politicians who govern us make our life miserable. We will enjoy a little with our passion for music and this forum called Jam To This is a good place to enjoy the music. Let's try from all this site is a place of peace and make friends.
Best regards from the old continent and especially from my country SPAIN.
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08.13.15, 01:54 PM

If even one person to thank for what I do, I'm happy.

Thanks JTT
Thanks guys

These shows are for free trading only ~ if you sell you'll go to hell

My trade list (last update 2018-08-14) http://zipansion.com/1taCt

Visit My Site At badnameproduction.com
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