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Smile My small trade List (priority:Motley Crue) - 05.30.09, 04:53 AM

I'm newbie in this bussiness !

Aaron Lee Live At the Camden Palace Theatre 1985 Glam Metal
Aaron Lee Live at Dominion Theatre 1985 Glam Metal DVD
Aaron Lee Video Collection 2006 Glam Metal DVD
AC/DC At the Hippodrome 1977 Hard DVD
AC/DC Highway To Hell 1979 Hard DVD
Ace Frehley Live 1987 Glam Metal DVD
Ace Frehley Spring Valley NY 1993 Glam Metal DVD
Agent Steel, Anthrax, Overkill US Speed Metal Attack 1986 Thrash DVD
Alice Cooper Rock A Bye + Killer Tour On French 1972 Hard
Alice Cooper Welcome To My Nightmare 1976 Hard DVD
Alice Cooper The Nightmare Returns 1987 Hard DVD
Alice Cooper & Judas Priest Live 1991 Hard
Alleycat Scratch Live At The Whiskey 1992 Glam Metal
Alleycat Scratch Troubadour 1993 Glam Metal
Black & Blue Tour Live 1980 Hard
Black Sabbath The Story 1&2 2000
Bon Jovi Tokyo Road 1985 Hard DVD
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet 1986 Hard DVD
Bon Jovi Live In Japan 1988 Hard DVD
Bon Jovi Tokyo, Japan 1990 Glam Metal DVD
Britny Fox Live In Philadelphia 1988 Glam Metal
Britny Fox The Year Of The Fox 1988 Glam Metal DVD
Britny Fox Live In Philadelphia 1988 Glam Metal
Britny Fox Live Joplin 1990 Glam Metal
Britny Fox Live 1992 Glam Metal
Britny Fox Live Springfield 2000 Glam Metal
Bulletboys Live In Germany 1989 Glam Metal
Cherry Bombz Live At The Marquee 1986 Glam Metal
Cinderella Shakes In Japan 1986 Glam Metal
Cinderella Videos 1986 - 1994 Blues / Glam Rock DVD
Crashdiet Live Klubben 2004 Glam Metal DVD
D.R.I. Live At The Ritz 1988 Crossover DVD
Damageplan Live 2004 Thrash
Danger Dnager Acoustic Live 1991 Glam Metal
Danger Dnager Live In Japan 1991 Glam Metal
Dee Snider Deevsion 1997 Glam Metal DVD
Def Leppard Live Sheffield 1993 Glam Metal DVD
Destruction Live Discharge 2000 Thrash
Dimevision 2005 Thrash
Donnington Monsters Iron Maiden,Thunder,Quireboys,Ratt,Poison,AC/DC,Aerosmith,Whitesneke 1991 Glam Metal DVD
Dortmund Ozzy, Quiet Riot, Krokus… 1983 NWOBHM DVD
Electric Angels Live 1988 Glam Metal
Europe Final Countdown Tour 1986 Pop - Rock DVD
Fastrer Pussycat Live In Detroit 1990 Glam Metal
Fastrer Pussycat Live 2003 Glam Metal
Firehouse Rock On The Road 1991 Glam Metal DVD
Foreigner Live At the Deep Creek 1993 AOR DVD
Frehley’s Comet Live In London 1987 Glam Metal
Girlschool Live in England 1984 Glam Metal DVD
Great White Irvine, CA Hard DVD
Great White Modesto, CA Hard DVD
Hanoi Rocks Helsinki, Finland 1985 Glam Metal DVD
Hanoi Rocks Summer Sonic 2002 Glam Metal DVD
Hardcore Superstar Live at Sticky Fingers 2006 Glam Metal DVD
Helix Live at Edmonton 1985 Glam Metal DVD
Judas Priest Live Vengeance 1982 Heavy Metal DVD
Keel Video Collection 1985-2004 Glam Metal 2 DVD
King Kobra Live 1986 Glam Metal DVD
Kiss Dynasty Tour 1979 Glam Metal
Kiss Live In Rio 1983 Glam Metal
Kiss Animalize 1984 Glam Metal DVD
Kiss Crazy Nights Tour 1987 Glam Metal DVD
Kiss Exposed 1987 Glam Metal DVD
Kiss Budokan Hall 1988 Glam Metal DVD
Kiss The Ritz, NY 1988 Glam Metal DVD
Kiss Hot In the Shade Tour 1989 Glam Metal DVD
Kiss Videos 1974 - 1992 Glam Metal DVD
Kix Live In Japan 1989 Glam Metal DVD
Kruiz Live in Omsk 1986 Thrash DVD
Kruiz Live in Germany 1988 Thrash
L.A. Guns Live In Tokyo 1989 Glam Metal DVD
L.A. Guns Hollywood Years 1989 Glam Metal
L.A. Guns Hellraiser's Ball 2004 Glam Metal
Laaz Rockit Citta, Japan 1992 Thrash Metal
Lita Ford Live 1988 Glam Metal DVD
Lizzy Borden Murderess Road Show 1989 Glam Metal DVD
Lizzy Borden Deal With The Devil Tour 2001 Heavy Metal DVD
Lynyrd Skynyrd Free Bird The Movie 1974 Blues DVD
Magnum Live In London 1985 Hard DVD
Megadeth Rock In Rio 1991 Thrash
Megadeth Live In London 1992 Thrash DVD
Megadeth Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 1999 thrash DVD
Megadeth Live In Melbourne 2005 Thrash
Metallica 1989 Thrash DVD
Metallica 1992 Thrash DVD
Metallica Cunning Stunt, Texas 1997 Thrash DVD
Metallica Rock Am Ring 1999 thrash DVD
Michael Monroe Live Tokyo Dome 1989 Glam Metal DVD
Monsters Of Rock Pantera, Metallica, AC/DC 1991 Thrash
Moscow Music Peace Festival Skid Row, Cinderella, Bon Jovi… 1989 Glam Metal DVD
Arcade Osaka, Japan 1993 Glam Metal
Arcade Dayton, Oh 1993 Glam Metal
Widowmaker New Haven, CT 1992 Glam Metal
New York Dolls London 2009 Glam Metal DVD
Mr. Big Lean In To It 1991 Glam Metal DVD
Napalm Death Punishment in Capitals 2005 thrash DVD
New York Dolls Max's Kansas City, NYC 1973 Glam Metal DVD
New York Dolls Club 82 1974 Glam Metal DVD
New York Dolls Live In Paris 2006 Glam Metal DVD
Ozzy Osbourne Live 1981 Hard
Ozzy Osbourne The Ultimate Ozzy 1986 Hard DVD
Ozzy Osbourne No Rest For The Wicked Tour 1989 Hard DVD
Ozzy Osbourne Live In Argentina 2008 Hard
Pantera Live At Donington 1994 Thrash
Pantera Live In Sacramento 1997 Thrash DVD
Pantera Live Philadelphia 1999 Thrash
Paul Stanley New Heaven 1989 Glam Metal
Peppermint Creeps Live in Hollywood, CA 1998 BubbleGlam
Peppermint Creeps Live in Anaheim, CA 1998 Glam Metal
Poison Live In Toronto 1988 Glam Metal
Poison Live In Middletown 1988 Glam Metal
Poison Academy, Ny 1990
Poison Mtv Unplugged 1990 Glam Metal
Poison Live Raw & Uncut 2007 Glam Metal DVD
Pretty Boy Floyd Live at the Roxy 1992 Glam Metal
Pretty Boy Floyd Live In London 2004 Glam Metal
Queen Greatest Flix 1991 Glam Rock DVD
Quiet Riot Bang Thy Head 1988 Glam Metal DVD
Quite Riot Live 1979 Glam Metal
Quite Riot Heavy Metal Night 1983 Glam Metal DVD
Ratt Perkins Palace 1983 Glam Metal DVD
Ratt Rock Palace 1984 Glam Metal
Ratt MSG, NY City 1987 Glam Metal DVD
Ratt Live In Japan 1989 Glam Metal DVD
Ratt Osaka, Japan 1991 Glam Metal 2 DVD
Ratt Grill & Bar 1997 Glam Metal
Ratt Winter Park (J. Pearl) 2004 Glam Metal DVD
Ratt Live Atlantic City 2005 Glam Metal
Running Wild Live In Bochum 1985 HeavyMetal DVD
Ruuning Wild Death Or Glory Tour 1989 Thrash DVD
Saxon Live Heavy Metal DVD
Scorpions World Wide Live 1985 Hard DVD
Scorpions Live in Bremerhaven 1996 Hard 2 DVD
Sepultura Live in Barcelona 1991 Thrash DVD
Sixx A.M. Salt Lake City 2007 Glam Metal
Skid Row Live Citta Club 1989 Glam Metal DVD
Skid Row Roadkill 1992 Glam Metal
Skid Row Live & Videos 1992 Glam Metal DVD
Slade Live 1972 Glam Metal
Slade Live 1978 Glam Metal
Slade Live 1981 Glam Metal
Slayer, Venom, Exodus Combat Tour 1985 Thrash DVD
Sodom Live in Der Zeche Carl 1994 Thrash DVD
Steelheart Live In Japan 1990 Glam Metal DVD
Steelheart Toad's palace 1991 Glam Metal
Stray Cats Pink Caddilac 1983 Rockabilly DVD
Stray Cats Live Citta Club 1990 Rockabilly
Stray Cats Video Collection 2004 Rockabilly DVD
Stryper In The Beginning 1988 Glam Metal DVD
Stryper Live In Sweden 2006 Glam Metal DVD
Tankard Open All Night 1990 Thrash Metal
Testament Live in London 2004 thrash DVD
Thin Lizzy Live Tube 1983 Hard
Tigertailz Live Bezerk 1990 Glam Metal
TNT Live In Japan 1989 Glam Metal
T-rex Clips 1974 Glam Rock
Twisted Sister Disco club 1980 Glam Metal
Twisted Sister Come Out And Play 1985 Glam Metal DVD
Twisted Sister Live 1986 Glam Metal
Twisted Sister Live At Wacken 2005 Glam Metal DVD
U.D.O. Live At The Giants Of Rock 1991 Heavy Metal DVD
Van Halen Live Without A Net 1987 Glam Metal DVD
Van Halen Videos II Glam Metal DVD
Vixen In Concerto 1989 Glam Metal
Vixen Live 1991 Glam Metal
Vixen Live In Cologne 1991 Glam Metal DVD
W.A.S.P. Live In London 1986 Glam Metal
W.A.S.P. Videos In The… Raw 1988 Glam Metal DVD
W.A.S.P. Live In Toronto 1989 Glam Metal
W.A.S.P. First Blood…Last Cuts 1993 Glam Metal DVD
W.O.A. 2005 Power, Heavy DVD
Warrant Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinkig Rich Live 1989 Glam Metal
Warrant Tokyo, Japan 1991 Glam Metal
Winger Live At Detroit 1990 Glam metal DVD
Wrathchild Live from London 1985 Glam Metal
Zakk Wylde Boozed, Broozed & Broken Bones 1999 Hard DVD
ZZ - Top Greatest Hits 1990 Blues

My Motley's list:

Motley Crue Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA 17.06.1997 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Live In Hard Rock Café, Paris 1999 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Live at Starwood 24.04.1981 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Live at Starwood, Full show 25.04.1981 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Live At US Festival 29.05.1983 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Live In Quebec City 05.06.1984 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY 14.10.1985 Glam Metal
Motley Crue The Forum, Montreal, QC, Canada 19.10.1985 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI 27.10.1985 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium, Des Moines, IA 12.07.1987 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Buckeye Lake Music Center, Columbus, OH 26.07.1987 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI 05.09.1987 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA 15.10.1987 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Civic Centre, Ottawa, ON, Canada 24.10.1987 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Live Moscow Music Peace Festival 12.08.1989 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Whisky A Go-Go, Los Angeles, CA 05.10.1989 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 28.10.1989 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO 21.11.1989 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 12.12.1989 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Bayfront Center Arena, St. Petersburg, FL 22.01.1990 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Broome County Veteran’s Memorial Arena, Binghamton, NY 10.04.1990 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY 11.04.1990 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Rainbow Hall, Nagoya, Japan 11.05.1990 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Alpine Valley Amphitheatre, East Troy, WI 08.07.1990 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Donington Park, Castle Donington, England 17.08.1991 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Nepstadion, Budapest, Hungary 22.08.1991 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Nieder-Sachsen Stadion, Hannover, Germany 31.08.1991 Glam Metal
Vince Neil Live In Chicago 03.07.1993 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Deer Creek Music Center, Indianapolis, IN 10.07.1994 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Cayuga County Fairgrounds, Weedsport, NY 12.07.1994 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Roskilde Festival……Ornage Stage, Copenhagen, Denmark 28.06.1997 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Rock Around the Bay ‘97 Festival……Ariake Rainbow Town, Tokyo, Japan 17.08.1997 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Cedar Rapids, Iowa 10.10.1997 Glam Metal
Motley Crue America West Arena, Phoenix, AZ 12.10.1997 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Greensboro Coliseum Complex, Greensboro, NC Racial Incident 28.10.1997 Glam Metal
Motley Crue State Theatre, Detroit, Mi 23.10.1998 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, Helloween Show 31.10.1998 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Greatest Hits tour, XXX 10.02.1999 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Sullivan Arena, Anchorage, AK 11.02.1999 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA 15.02.1999 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Stranahan Theatre, Toledo, OH 05.03.1999 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Lewd Crued And Tattoed 05.07.2001 Glam Metal DVD
Vince Neil Sioux Falls, IA 21.03.2003 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Greatest Video Hits 11.11.2003 Glam Metal DVD
Vince Neil Winter Park 24.07.2004 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Rock am Ring 2005…….Nurburgring, Nurburg, Germany 04.06.2005 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Gods of Metal Festival…….Idropark, Milan, Italy 02.06.2007 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY 08.07.2008 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Pepsi Music Festival…….Estadio Pepsi Music, Buenos Aires, Argentina 11.10.2008 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue MSG, New York City, NY 16.03.2009 Glam Metal DVD


Motley Crue Uncensored 1986 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue French Tv Appearence 1986 Glam Metal DVD
Motley Crue Mtv Rockumentary 1990 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Countdown Revolution 1991 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Rehearsel 1994 Glam Metal
Motley Crue VH1 Story 1996 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Tommy Lee On Elen Show 1999 Glam Metal
Motley Crue The Rise & Rise Of Motley Crue 2001 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Live on David Letterman Show 2008 Glam Metal
Motley Crue Regis And Kelly 2004 Glam Metal
Motley Crue The Story of… 2006 Glam Metal DVD

I doubt that someone will find something, but if finds please PM me!!!

Last edited by Tommy Lee; 05.30.09 at 05:15 AM.
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05.30.09, 05:05 AM

I'm sensing some officially released recordings on your list. Please remove them asap!

My death/black/heavy metal DVD-video bootlegs trading website: www.livesvartan.tk
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07.30.09, 07:30 AM

hi there
great list,can i send you mine and hopefully we can do some trading

hi everyone
i am looking to trade with geniune traders for live dvds i am into mainly rock/metal/aor but i am looking to expand into other music genres.for my list please email me at..


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Smile Always looking to trade...contact me!! - 10.23.10, 12:14 AM

PLEASE EMAIL ME NOW!!! rock_sinfronteras@yahoo.com
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