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Post How to include extras such as artwork on a DVD - 07.05.07, 03:45 AM

Another application for writing DVDs is called "IMGburn". It is written by the same programmer who wrote "DVD Decrypter". I have been almost exclusively to burn DVD-VIDEO. Most of my burns achieve scores of 95% to 99% in DVDinfoPro and Nero CD/DVD Speed. It's very well-written software, and it's 100 percent FREE! (Please consider making a small donation if you end up using it a lot.)

Click here to visit the IMGburn web site

The question is often asked: "How do I include extras on my burned DVD"?

I would suggest "building" an ISO image with IMGburn using either the 'on-the-fly' mode or as an ISO image. Using this method, you can include the artwork, etc., in a folder commonly named "EXTRAS_TS".

In brief, this is what to do.

1. Create a folder and name it whatever the name of the DVD is to be.

2. Put the VIDEO_TS folder containing the DVD VOB files in it.

3. Create a new folder within your new "DVD" folder and name it "EXTRAS_TS". Put your info.txt, md5, artwork, etc., into this new "EXTRAS_TS" folder.

4. Open IMGburn and click on 'Mode' -> Build.

5. You can either burn the files directly to DVD, or create an ISO image. Personally, I usually write the files directly to DVD. Click on 'Output' and choose either 'Device' or 'Image File'.

6. Select the folder that you created in step 1.

7. If you choose to build an ISO image instead of writing the files directly to DVD, you will need to save the ISO image in a "Destination".

8. If you choose to write directly to DVD, make sure to click on the labels tab and type in a compliant DVD title. The accepted standard is all UPPERCASE_LETTERS

9. REMEMBER! The best quality burns are made at a speed no faster than 4x. Some DVD-RW drives (like cerain SONY and LiteON models) can't burn any slower than 6x. In this case, use 6x, but stay away from burning at 8x when you're burning discs to send in snail mail trades.

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01.27.08, 02:01 PM

Is this the method that you would have to burn this DVD?:http://www.jamtothis.com/showthread.php?t=18917
I tried to include the extras such as artwork and the SHN files on disc 2 but the software only alowed the VIDEO_TS files as would burning a regular DVD. Besides that, It did not appear that the extras would fit anyway!

The link included says audio goes to 2 CD-R's but it also said the artwork and SHN files were to be included on the DVD.


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