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Exclamation The Future Of Jam To This...Please Read! - 08.15.05, 06:23 PM

Hi everyone,

When I was asked to take over this site and keep it going several months ago, I was more than happy to do it because it was a thriving community providing a nice service for fans who like to trade unreleased recordings.

What I have since found is that the cost of running the site is a lot more than I anticipated, when you factor in bandwidth and the space alotted for storing the torrent files. This site is on a very fast dedicated server, but it's sharing space with a couple other sites, including my VHLinks.com web site. This site has also doubled the amount of members and pageviews since I've taken over, and the costs I'm incurring to deal with that is becomming more than I planned to pull out of my own pocket.

It already costs me $180 out of my own pocket every month to run VHLinks.com, which is fine, I've been incurring that for years. But to run this site for an extra $125 (the extra bandwidth and space), to provide a service for you guys to share music that would normally cost you $20-$40 everytime you bought them on Ebay or a swap meet is becomming a bit of a burden for me.

I absolutely want to keep the site going for everyone, but I simply cannot afford an extra $125 out of my own pocket to run this site every month. I don't want any advertising on here (which won't make a dent anyway), I want to keep it running fast and clean for you guys to get the most out of it. I make no money from this site and I have no interest in doing so, I just want to cover the costs this site needs every month.

Now we have over 5,000 registered members here, and all we need is 63 people (that's 1.3% of the member base) to donate $2 every month and we're fine. I think everyone gets $2 of music and enjoyment from this site every month, so I dont't think it's asking very much to get 63 people together every month to donate a couple bucks. I notice some torrent sites are needing $200-$400 to cover their costs, and we just need $125. And they always manage to get it covered too, and I know we can here as well.

So that's pretty much it, I'm going to re-evaluate where we are next month, and if I'm not getting enough to cover the extra server charges, I'll have to think about the future of the site, which I don't want to do. I think the site serves a great purpose.

Every cent donated will be tracked on the Donate page, so you will be able to see exactly how much we have and where we're at for the month. And every cent that is donated will be accounted for and will ONLY go to the server charges for this site. So please if you have a minute, go to the "Donate" page at http://www.jamtothis.com/donate.php and use the PayPal link to throw a few bucks to get us to our goal for the month. Like I said, we only need 63 of over 5,000 members to donate $2 a month and we'll be fine. If you want to donate without using PayPal, you can contact me at webmaster@jamtothis.com and I can give you a mailing address.

Thank you for reading this, and for your assistance. Let's work together to keep this site going for a long time!



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