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Audio - Audience FM - Live In Madrid 2011 - 05.20.13, 04:27 PM


Show or Bootleg Title:
Live In Madrid 2011

Show Venue:
Madrid, Spain

Audio - Audience

Audio Quality/Production Info:


File Format:

Set List/Chapters:
01. Wildside
02. Face To Face
03. That Girl
04. Dont Stop
05. Only The Strong Survive
06. Blood And Gasoline
07. All Or Nothing
08. Hollow
09. I Belong To The Night
10. Metropolis
11. Over You
12. Other Side Of Midnight
13. Hard Day In Hell
14. Bad Luck
15. Burning My Heart Down
16. Frozen Heart
17. I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Checksums or Fingerprints:
e20229cc2d0fd3a0d51c521ba819da1c *01 Wildside.flac
1f6e3419e028a4713325e426e24c64cb *02 Face To Face.flac
a02a51e223d5f8a550e0abf016cc1c30 *03 That Girl.flac
d3d622c60b014acbdd708584b62b809a *04 Dont Stop.flac
4cde495cc632e6c4ad116d57f7ff3040 *05 Only The Strong Survive.flac
5d3a94747d581d454b9b4cf7fe2a907a *06 Blood And Gasoline.flac
124f447f0344d9b76ca23e5317ab594d *07 All Or Nothing.flac
6beee2cd9017eeb5bf69b1f0be0b0130 *08 Hollow.flac
b52b012b54f41004c9aad2eeb4e51801 *09 I Belong To The Night.flac
7be584f0323bd16e19329cae4b4f57ae *10 Metropolis.flac
59fe6a4600dae00009db3cfd0eccc95e *11 Over You.flac
e0b1b722ec0b4d2f459b693e426a2221 *12 Other Side Of Midnight.flac
0bff78290ab342c5ea3d82409a6de2a5 *13 Hard Day In Hell.flac
5cf3366ddec0866578c693d1bf0039de *14 Bad Luck.flac
7020fedc99cc49aa6f7d19a96dae4479 *15 Burning My Heart Down.flac
7dc52a8622a24cf278a644142a7c7ae0 *16 Frozen Heart.flac
98302d33b175bf7a1685f1e5d016eeca *17 I Heard It Through The Grapevine.flac

Enjoy my Friends!!!!
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05.20.13, 09:02 PM

Not too much FM around. Saw the guys in London with my son and FM pulled a really great show. You can check the condition of the band by some of my shots at youtube....

"Fool's gold - it's waiting in a crown
Fool's gold - in a city coming down
I'll leave the gold I can't afford
For the higher prize I'm pressing toward"

-Petra:"Fool's Gold"
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05.23.13, 05:18 AM

Thank you from Spain
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06.02.13, 05:45 AM

Thank you very much for this FM show.

There can never be enough of these guys.

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06.07.13, 06:39 AM

great concert thanks
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06.07.13, 12:30 PM

This pisses me off ... I did the remastering of this show. And I posted it on the Dime. I put a LOT of work into it and this ASSHOLE posts it here and chops off all the text files, MD5 files and everything. He gives no explanation where it come from or anything ... If you want to REAL files of this show, please go here :


Support the one's who do the work, no just the asshats who steal shows and claim them as theirs.
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2011, fm, live, madrid

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