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Audio - Studio Dream Theater - Turbulent Heat - 06.01.10, 02:28 PM

Dream Theater

Show or Bootleg Title:
Turbulent Heat

Show Venue:
International Forum


Audio Quality/Production Info:
Quality: A+

master cd>cdr>UltraPleX 40X Wide>eac>shn>flac

File Format:

Set List/Chapters:

The Glass Prison
Burning My Soul~
Hell's Kitchen
Another Hand~
The Killing Hand
Through My Words~
Fatal Tragedy
The Great Debate
Another Dimension
Guitar Solo
Take The Time (w/Working Man~By-Tor Jam)
Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence:
i Overture
ii About To Crash
iii War Inside My Head
iv The Test That Stumped Them All
v Goodnight Kiss
vi Solitary Shell
vii About To Crash (Reprise)
vii Losing Time/Grand Finale
The Spirit Carries On
Pull Me Under
Master Of Puppets

Checksums or Fingerprints:
# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (http://www.md5summer.org)
# Generated 01/06/2010 23:01:46

1e5c21311a38928a5036071df6268c05 *Disc 1/DT_041902_TH_d1t01.flac
d9f60f46a7e27677a005373ed321e88e *Disc 1/DT_041902_TH_d1t02.flac
64638c723635f702929293c096f3ca6e *Disc 1/DT_041902_TH_d1t03.flac
d497c99c038ad81a02bc00246dccde5f *Disc 1/DT_041902_TH_d1t04.flac
9c0cb8dcd3b7505b1fc775af8c594ef4 *Disc 1/DT_041902_TH_d1t05.flac
5d401517c7e60b2d6fbe6b1b32e3e46a *Disc 1/DT_041902_TH_d1t06.flac
e94723b745ea36c3481efa531d696591 *Disc 1/DT_041902_TH_d1t07.flac
4d296d640aa0cd8eb91bee8fa2afcc42 *Disc 1/DT_041902_TH_d1t08.flac
a35c14d84ad6b28034b1867a460ba425 *Disc 2/DT_041902_TH_d2t01.flac
78e7d9a4280894eddf6c993cb3c22942 *Disc 2/DT_041902_TH_d2t02.flac
c1e1b6606c0f07cd2cce4d930f98b8eb *Disc 2/DT_041902_TH_d2t03.flac
596ca5cda8de7e2acd53ce72e4c875d0 *Disc 2/DT_041902_TH_d2t04.flac
4450156eed5ef0caac6eacc885b65043 *Disc 2/DT_041902_TH_d2t05.flac
00df2a5b6c246156202cae50176b1cc1 *Disc 2/DT_041902_TH_d2t06.flac
b72c96ad1b238f8694c9c25d4b250d6b *Disc 2/DT_041902_TH_d2t07.flac
09092f16c7097184b075c4b506081929 *Disc 2/DT_041902_TH_d2t08.flac
4cf2d5b79c4a3918eb2e38759c7e2964 *Disc 2/DT_041902_TH_d2t09.flac
1695fa3fbd6a687c7a64f1e1e7112c8e *Disc 2/DT_041902_TH_d2t10.flac
824606f4ffb36cde0c94a59f2b39a489 *Disc 3/DT_041902_TH_d3t01.flac
095f6c03f0e19aa3a6d3e7d9ac0f35f9 *Disc 3/DT_041902_TH_d3t02.flac
a188f3bf5a8a6e0fc477bd33603b95ab *Disc 3/DT_041902_TH_d3t03.flac
eacbb8a1f97fc0aac68b9e38b7e01d3a *DT_041902_TH_back.jpg
c919ccb4146e030613024165d651fb18 *DT_041902_TH_front.jpg
51cdcc03ed91fe05d4903143c15e0089 *DT_041902_TH_front_chubby.jpg
6ec19a8a1838e4aac7376be498296db7 *DT_041902_TH_info.txt

Additional Comments on show:

From Blue Fish
An excellent audience recording. Everything can be heard clear and distinct. There is great seperation and the mix is great. There is nearly no audience noise, just some low cheering between songs and an occasional comment or whistle. The band puts on a great performance which is the last night of the Japan leg of the World Tourbulance Tour. There is different recording floating around of this show with the title 'Accepting The End'. This source (Turbulent Heat) is slightly better (IMO).

Last edited by Vagoso; 06.01.10 at 02:58 PM.
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06.01.10, 11:39 PM

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06.02.10, 02:35 PM

thanks a lot!!!
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06.02.10, 06:53 PM

you need to add the torrent file...
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06.03.10, 01:17 PM

Do you have a date and location of this show?
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02.19.18, 10:38 AM

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dream, heat, theater, turbulent

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