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Thumbs up DATA DVD Giveaway - 06.17.18, 05:28 AM

Have a collection of pre-burned DATA DVDs to giveaway. If you are interested, send me an email (acady6@yahoo.com) with your want list as I don't frequent this board much. Please put "DATA DVD Offer" in the subject line of your email when contacting me and include the disc #(s). Take as many discs as you want. All I want in return is postage/materials reimbursement for mailing your shows to you. Also, please note that all of these DVDs have writing on them so if this bothers you then don't request any.

**Offer now open to non-US traders**

Admins/Mods if this offer is not acceptable feel free to delete this thread.

Disturbed Rock N Roll Hall of Fame 2002 (DVD)
Dokken 1995-07-03 B
Metal Mania Stripped 2005-11-13 Sayreville, NJ AUD B-
Skid Row 1995-06-25 FM A

Buddy Guy & Stevie Ray Vaughn 1989-07-30 “It's Called The Blues” [Label: The Swinging Pig - TSP-CD-166] SBD A
Led Zeppelin 1975-02-12 “That's all right New York” [Label: The Godfather Records - G.R.327/328/329]. A
Metallica 1992-01-13 and 1992-01-14 DVD Rip of Audio SBD A
Mick Jagger & The Red Devils Blues Sessions 1992 SBD A

Extreme 1989-04-06 “Flesh & Loud” SBD A
Firehouse 1993-08-?? FM A
Howard Stern 2001-09-11 full broadcast SBD A

Disturbed 2005-12-17 Riviera Theatre Chicago, IL MTV2 Broadcast PRO A
Eric Clapton 1986-11-23 (with Keith Richards) SBD A
Led Zeppelin 1977-04-27 Richfield, OH SBD A
Sammy Hagar 2005-05-13 Rosemont, IL B+

Firehouse 1991-02-25 FM A-
Linkin Park 2004-01-18 (DVD) AUD A-
Sammy Hagar 1997-09-16 Orlando, FL FM A

Def Leppard 2002-12-14 San Francisco, CA Exc AUD A-
Paul Simon 2001-06-13 Los Angeles, CA SBD A
Rolling Stones 1989-12-19 Atlantic City, NJ (with Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Eric Clapton, & John Lee Hooker) FM A
Rolling Stones 2006-01-23 Chicago, IL B+
Rolling Stones 1972-06-20 “Sweet Home Chicago” [Label: Vinyl Gang Product - VGP-256] B
Steven Page 2005-09-03 Jackson Triggs Winery A-

Bon Jovi 1993-11-13 Argentina – ripped from TV A-
Bon Jovi 1993-10-10 Melbourne, Australia FM A
Extreme 1992-12-23 "Extreme London 1992" [Label: Live Storm - LSCD 52588] A
Grateful Dead 1971-10-21 Chicago, IL FM A
Metallica 1986-09-26 Sweden Cliff’s last show B+
Metallica 1993-06-20 Switzerland "Destroyer" [Label: Twolips Productions - CD3M93TLP]. SBD A
Rolling Stones 1973 “Bedspring Symphony (A Box Lunch and Meat Whistle) Live in Concert” [Label: CO 25113]. A-

Def Leppard 1980-08-24 Reading Festival FM A+
Def Leppard 1981-07-18 Newcastle England AUD B+
Def Leppard 1983-02-09 Marquee Club London AUD A-
Def Leppard 1983-08-03 Seattle SBD A
Def Leppard 1983-12-18 Dortmund Germany SBD A
Def Leppard 1986-12-16 Monsters of Rock England AUD A-
Def Leppard 1988-08-17 Mountainview, CA VHS sourced A
Def Leppard 1987-08-31 Shefield England Exc AUD A
Dokken 1988-05-28 Monsters of Rock AUD B
Winger 1993-07-23 FM A

Bob Dylan 1974-01-04 Chicago, IL AUD A-
Bob Dylan Genuine Live 1966 Box Set [Label: Scorpio/GBS 66-1 to GBS 66-8]. SBD A
Bon Jovi 1993-08-24 Germany Bakerboy Recording AUD A
Def Leppard 1992-05-30 Brussels "White Lightning" [Label: NG 170992-2] A-
Warrant 1997-10-19 Brazil FM A

Def Leppard 1993-09-11 Georgia Exc AUD A-
Disturbed 2001-02-19 Sweden AUD B+
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory Demos SBD A
Linkin Park 2004-06-06 Rock AM Ring FM or SBD A
Megadeth 1997-06-28 Bergum Holland FM A
Metallica 1999-04-21 AUD B
Stone Temple Pilots - Hard to Core 1993 SBD A

Def Leppard 1996-09-13 Montreal SBD A
Def Leppard 1996-11-14 Sheffield UK FM A
Family Values 2001-10-28 Stone Temple Pilots, Staind, Linkin Park AUD B
Grateful Dead (with Santana) 1991-06-28 Denver, CO SBD A
Queensryche 2000-08-25 Chicago, IL AUD A
Rolling Stones 2005-11-08 "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" [Label: Exile - EXET VOL.2 A/B]. ALD SBD recording. A

Grateful Dead 1971-04-29 New York, NY SBD A
Grateful Dead 1991-06-17 New Jersey SBD + AUD Matrix Mix A
Grateful Dead 1978-01-22 Eugene Sick Bits Vol.4. SBD A
Grateful Dead Hour 913 2006-03-20 FM A-
Grateful Dead Hour 914 2006-03-27 FM A-
Rolling Stones 1973-02-27 Australia Disc 2 of "Back Strap Jacket" [Label: Tarantura TCDRS-3-2]. SBD A

Grateful Dead 1982-04-19 Baltimore SBD A
The Beatles Story 1973 Part 3&4 BBC Radio Special SBD A
The Beatles Story 1973 Part 5&6 BBC Radio Special SBD A
The Beatles Story 1973 Part 7&8 BBC Radio Special SBD A
The Beatles Story 1973 Part 9&10 BBC Radio Special SBD A
The Beatles Story 1973 Part 11&12 BBC Radio Special SBD A
The Beatles Story 1973 Part 13&14 BBC Radio Special SBD A

Aerosmith 1988-09-15 Costa Mes, CA SBD A
Barenaked Ladies 1997-05-10 Buffalo, NY AUD B
Barenaked Ladies 1997-05-10 Buffalo, NY FM A
Bon Jovi 1988-12-31 Tokyo "King of the Airwaves" [Label: DGCD 011]. SBD A
Disturbed 2001-07-09 Camden, NJ AUD A
Metallica 1982-10-18 "Night of the Rivit Heads" SBD A-
Metallica 1985-08-17 Donington Park AUD B
Metallica 2006-01-25 Sundance Festival SBD A+
Metallica 2004-08 -16 St. Paul, MN AUD B

Grateful Dead 1992-06-25 Chicago, IL SBD A+
Grateful Dead 1993-03-10 Rosemont, IL SBD A+
Rolling Stones Record Mirror Vol. 1 Studio outtakes from 1962-1968. SBD A
Sammy Hagar 2002-05-31 Clarkston, MI AUD A-

Bon Jovi Sessions Demos Box Set SBD A
Def Leppard 1988-03-04 Sweden AUD A
Poison 2001-06-19 Manchester, NH AUD A

Rolling Stones 1973-10-17 Brussels, Belgium “Brussels Affair Def Edition” Rattle Snake (RS 015/16) SBD A+
Rolling Stones 1989-08-28 Philadelphia, PA "Dress Rehearsals" Bootleg SBD A+
Rolling Stones 1994-09-11 Chicago, IL AUD B+
Rolling Stones 1994-09-12 Chicago, IL AUD B
Rolling Stones 1995-02-25 Voodoo Africana POSSIBLY ERRORED [Label: Sister Morphine - MORPH 039] SBD A

Metallica 1985-03-15 San Francisco, CA "Demonic Invocation: In Memory OF Cliff Burton" [Label: Ironic Records - Ironic 001]. SBD. A-
Metallica 1987-08-30 Pforzheim, Germany "Look At Me Germany" [Label: Crowley Records].FM A-
Metallica 1993-06-05 “Tearing Your Insides Out” [Label: Kiss The Stone - KTS 184/85]. A-
Metallica 2004-08-28 Rosemont, IL SBD A (SHOW IS ERRORED)
Metallica 2006-06-10 Donington, England SBD A (HAS GAPS)

Bon Jovi 1993-04-23 Rotterdam, Holland AUD B
Linkin Park 2004-08-28 Somerset, WI AUD A-
Rolling Stones 2003-09-09 Dublin, Ireland AUD B
Skid Row 1993-01-22 Rio De Janiero "Here I Am" SBD A (SHOW IS ERRORED)
Three Days Grace 2006-07-14 Toronto, Canada AUD B+
White Lion 1989-05-28 East Troy, WI AUD B+
White Lion 1989-07-08 Toronto, Canada AUD B
Winger 2007-02-02 Boston, MA "Full On By the End of the Show" - Nickeh Productions 037. AUD B

Metallica 1992-04-06 Philadelphia, PA AUD B+
Metallica 1992-06-14 Mobile, AL "Puppets of Society" [Label: Meteorite - MR-01-1-2]. AUD B+
Metallica 2006-06-17 Imola, Italy A
Rolling Stones Bigger Rebang 2005-06 compilation SBD/AUD Compilation A
Rolling Stones 1997-09-25 DAT Master Chicago, IL AUD B+

Eric Clapton 1997-07-05 Vienne, France "Legends Jazz a Vienne" [Mid Valley Records MV 384/5] + Bonus SBD A
Metallica 1986-09-18 Sheffield, England AUD B
Metallica 1989-01-22 Amarillo, TX AUD B+
Metallica 1998-11-19 Chicago, IL (The Govner source) AUD A-
Metallica 1999-04-22 Berkeley, CA AUD A-

3 Doors Down 2007-01-09
Bon Jovi 1993-04-09 Rotterdam,The Netherlands AUD B
Bon Jovi 2003-06-08 Ostend, Belgium AUD C
Bon Jovi 2006-07-18 East Rutherford, NJ AUD
Damn Yankees 1993-02-13 San Diego, CA AUD B
Def Leppard 1992-12-30 Los Angeles, CA AUD B
Rolling Stones 2007-06-16 Paris, France AUD B

Aerosmith 2002-12-21 Washington, DC AUD B+
Damn Yankees 1993-03-27 New York, NY AUD B
Def Leppard 1988-06-11 Toronto, ON AUD B
Guns N Roses 1986-03-28 West Hollywood, CA "The Big Thing" [Ingram Suicide Release 2CD Set - Label: Metal Sword]. AUD B
Guns N Roses 1991-08-13 Helsinki, Finland "Jihad" [Ingram Suicide Release - Label: Metal Sword - MS CD 106/107]. AUD B+
Sammy Hagar 1983-03-13 St. Louis, MO FM A

Metallica 1988-06-17 Pontiac, MI AUD B
Metallica 2007-07-03 Malakasa, Greece SBD A+
Poison 2007-08-08 Silverton, OR AUD B+
Poison 2007-08-12 Universal City, CA AUD B+
Rolling Stones Time Trip Vol 5 [Label: Bad Wizard/Scorpio - Scorpio TT5]. Excellent Studio Sound. A+
Rolling Stones 1990-06-16 Madris, Spain "Blinded by Love" [Label: Dandelion 066/67]. SBD A
Tesla 1987-06-27 Milwaukee, WI FM A-

Rolling Stones 1994-10-10 New Orleans, LA "The Voodoo Kiss" [Label: Kiss The Stone - 356/57KTS] SBD A
Rolling Stones 2007-06-05 Werchter, Belgium "The Unbeatable Rolling Stones" [Label: Rattlesnake RS 210/211] EXC AUD A
Rolling Stones 2007-06-16 Paris, France "It's A Man's Man's Man's World" [Label: Rattlesnake - RS 214/215]; EXC AUD A-
Rolling Stones 2007-06-08 Nijmegen, Holland "Prisoners Of Love" [Label: Rattlesnake RS 212/213] AUD A-

Disturbed 2000-09-05 Vancouver, Canada AUD B
Grateful Dead 1971-10-22 Set 2 Chcaigo, IL SBD A
Grateful Dead 1973-02-19 Set 2 Chicago, IL SBD A
Grateful Dead 1977-05-13 Chicago, IL SBD A
Grateful Dead 1978-01-30 Chicago, IL SBD A
Metallica 2003 May 18 19 21 22 Fan Can #5 SBD A
Metallica 2006-06-10 Donington, England SBD A

Linkin Park 2003-07-26 Chicago, IL AUD B
Metallica 1996-12-11 Utrecht, Holland A Change of Seasons FM A
Metallica 1997 The Golden Unplugged Album FM/TV Rip SBD A
Metallica “Things That Should Not Be” [Label: MCDPRO1]
Metallica Demos 82-88 SBD A
Pure Prairie League 1974-07-30 Denver, CO FM A

Pearl Jam GREEN HABIT Comp (Discs 1-5) Various SBD, FM, and AUD recording A

Pearl Jam GREEN HABIT Comp (Discs 6-10) Various SBD, FM, and AUD recording A
Metallica 1986-07-21 Clarkston, MI AUD B-
Tesla 2001-07-06 Chicago, IL AUD A-

Eric Clapton 2001-06-12 Boston, MA AUD B
Grateful Dead 1981-10-16 Amsterdam, Netherlands SBD A
Grateful Dead 1981-10-15 Amsterdam, Netherlands AUD B+
Grateful Dead 1978-09-13 Cairo, Egypt SBD B+
Grateful Dead 1977-10-29 De Kalb, IL AUD B
Grateful Dead 1976-06-28 Chicago, IL AUD B+

Eric Clapton 1987-01-16 Rotterdam, Netherlands “Caught In The Act” AUD A-
Eric Clapton 1995-04-05 Oslo, Norway "Fourty Four and Five" [Label: Shout to the Top - STTP 053/054]. AUD B
Grateful Dead 1966-02-25 Los Angeles, CA SBD A
Grateful Dead 1973-11-01 Evanston, IL SBD A
Grateful Dead 1974-05-17 Vancouver, BC SBD A
Grateful Dead 1978-01-31 Chicago, IL SBD A
Stevie Ray Vaughan 1988-07-03 Pistoia, Italy SBD A-

Eric Clapton 1983-04-20 Bremen, Germany "Wonderful Tonight On Stage 1983" [Label: The Swingin' Pig - TSP-CD-196-3/4] SBD A
Paul Simon 2000-11-20 Denver, CO AUD B
Pink Floyd 1969-05-09 England AUD A
Pink Floyd 1970-02-28 Yorkshire, UK AUD B+
Pink Floyd "BBC Archives 1967-69" [Label: Harvested - HRV CDR 008]. SBD A
Stevie Ray Vaughan 1983-10-20 "In Memoriam" [The Swinging Pig, TSP-205-3CD] SBD A+
White Stripes 2005-09-27 Columbia, MD SBD A

Bullet Boys FM 1991-08-29 Cleveland, OH ‘Cleveland 1991” FM A
Britny Fox FM 1989-10-20 Philadephia, PA FM A-
Metallica 2008-05-16 Tuscon, AZ KMFA Day SBD A+
Stevie Ray Vaughan 1985-12-07Milwaukee, WI SBD A
Stevie Ray Vaughan 1985-06-07 Chicago, IL UAD A-
Stevie Ray Vaughn The Legendary Lost First Album Nashville, TN SBD A-
Winger 2008-02-23 Cambridge, MA Pickett Productions Source AUD B

AC/DC 2008-10-30 Rosemont, IL AUD A
Cinderella 1991-01-11 Newcastle, England AUD B+
Disturbed 2008-06-15 Nickelsdorf, Austria AUD A-
Disturbed 2008-06-13 Moscow, Russia AUD B+
George Carlin 2002-12-14 Clearwater, FL ALD-SBD A
Metallica 2008-09-12 Berlin, Germany SBD A
Metallica 2008-10-21 Glendale, AZ AUD B+

Bon Jovi 1984-03-17 Cleveland, OH “Definitive Cleveland '84” FM A
Bon Jovi 1989-02-14 Rockline Interview FM A-
Bon Jovi 1989-12-06 Rotterdam, Holland AUD B+
Bon Jovi 2000-11-20 Chicago, IL AUD A-
Bon Jovi 2001-07-13 Tinley Park, IL AUD B+
Bon Jovi 2003-03-01 Chicago, IL AUD B+
Bon Jovi 2003-07-11 Tinley Park, IL AUD B

Bon Jovi 1989-03-24 Chcaigo, IL AUD B+
Britny Fox 1987-08-25 Philadelphia, PA AUD B+
Britny Fox 1992-06-25 Schamburg, IL AUD B
Dokken 2006-04-28 Mexico City, MX "Too High to Sing" SBD - Vegueta Master 07 SBD A
Dokken 2008-09-06 Engelwoos, CO AUD B+
Firehouse 1993-??-08 Z-Rock Dallas , TX FM A
Kip Winger 2008-10-28 Dudley, UK AUD A-
Poison 2008-09-06 Engelwood, CO AUD B+
Yukon Kornelius 2008-01-09 Killington, VT AUD B

Disturbed 2009-04-24 Fayetteville, NC 44k/16 version AUD B
Disturbed 2009-06-25Tromoy, Norway AUD B
Metallica 2009-03-30 Rotterdam, Netherlands “Dutch Magnetic” AUD B
Metallica 2009-05-06 München, Germany AUD A-
Metallica 2009-07-04 Hockenheim, Germany AUD A-

Chickenfoot 2009-05-22 Chicago, IL AUD A-
Harvey Danger 2009-08-15 Chicago, IL (Late show) MP3 AUD A-
Harvey Danger 2009-08-22 Los Angeles, CA SB/AUD Matrix A-
Keith Urban 2009-06-26 Summerfest, WI AUD B+
Keith Urban 2009-07-31 Boston, MA IEM Matric AUD 44/16 version A
Grateful Dead 1976-06-09 Boston, MA Sick Bist Vol. 6 SBD. AUD Matrix A
Grateful Dead 1981-02-26 Chicago, IL Sick Bits Vol 2a SBD/AUD Matrix A
Grateful Dead 1981-02-27 Chicago, IL Sick Bits Vol 2b SBD/AUD Matrix A
Grateful Dead 1981-02-28 Chicago, IL Sick Bits Vol 2c SBD/AUD Matrix A

Barenaked Ladies 2004-12-06 New York, NY AUD B
Faith No More 1988-??-?? Patton Production Tape SBD A-
Godsmack 1999-02-17 High Voltage Whiskey FM A
Godsmack 2009-08-28 Tampa, FL AUD B-
Guster 2009-07-04 FM Broadcast Chicago, IL FM A
Guster 2009-07-26 FM Broadcast Camden, NJ FM A
Hoobastank 2009-09-01 Milwaukee, WI AUD B+
Poison - Bad Boy Demos SBD A
Sammy Hagar 1994-04-25 Interviews & Cuts from Unboxed Pre-FM A
Steven Page 2005-06-21 Boston, MA AUD A-
Steven Page 2009-08-13 Boston, MA AUD A-

Barenaked Ladies 2009-12-05 Boston, MA AUD B+
Barenaked Ladies 2009-12-07 Worcester, MA AUD B+
Disturbed 2003-07-11 St. Helens, OR AUD A-
Disturbed 2009-04-20 Erie, PA AUD B+
Metallica 1982 “In For The Kill” [Label: IMPERIUM - IMP007] SBD A
Metallica Secret Demos (1985-1988)
Metallica 1984-12 London, UK "The Man Is Dead" [Label: MEN AT WORK - 5535-2]. SBD A
Metallica 1985-01-30 Indianapolis, IN AUD B
Metallica 2009-10-27 Toronto, Canada Matrix Remaster AUD A+

Rolling Stones 1975-07-24 Chicago, IL “Too Busy Working” [Label: Coast To Coast - C2C 016]. AUD B+
Rolling Stones 1989-10-19 Los Angeles, CA "Live at the Memorial Coliseum" [Label: Moonlight Records - ML9644/55]. AUD A
Rolling Stones 1989-??-?? “Training Wheels” [Label: Rattlesnake Records - RS 228]. SBD A+
Rolling Stones 1990-06-13-14 Barcelona, Spain “Vivendo La Vida Loca En Barcelona” [Label: Coast 2 Coast - C2C 013]. Excellent SBD (from TV/FM broadcast) A+
Rolling Stones 1995-04-17 Auckland, New Zealand “Auckland At Your Feet” [Label: Coast to Coast - C2C 17]. AUD B
Rolling Stones 1998-04-23 Chicago, IL “Keef In The Night” [Label: Coast 2 Coast - 02] AUD B
Rolling Stones 1999-05-29 Stuttgart, Germany “German Girls” [Label: Coast 2 Coast - C2C 09]. AUD A

Eric Clapton 1983-07-10 Milwaukee, WI “Cocaine & Alcoholic” [Label: Imperial - IMCD 97002-2]. SBD A
The Rolling Stones Greatest Rarities Vol.1 [Label: ADAM VIII LTD - CD49-029]. SBD A-
The Rolling Stones Greatest Rarities Vol.2 [Label: ADAM VIII LTD - CD49-030]. SBD A-
Stevie Ray Vaughan AA Speech 1990 (MP3)

Keith Richards 1983-12-18 Cabo San Lucas, MX "The Complete Honeymoon Tapes" [Label: Hot Lips Records HLR-KR 001-002]. ABD A-
Michael Jackson 1987-09-27 Japan FM A

Guns N Roses 1991-07-29 Inglewood, CA "Revolution Calling" [Label: Deep Records MIK 033/034, released in 1992]. AUD A-
Jeff Beck 2009-04-23 Oakland, CA AUD B+
Stevie Ray Vaughan 1986-03-31 Dallas, TX "Looking at You" liberated bootleg. SBD A
Stevie Ray Vaughan 1985-06-19 Morrison, CO "Stilleto Rain" [Label: Primadonna - PD 109]. SBD A

Eric Clapton 1986-11-21 Boston, MA "The Slowhand Masterfile - Part 15" [Label: Antrabata] SBD A
Buddy Guy & Stevie Ray Vaughan 1986-04-14 New York, NY SBD A
Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton 2009-06-29 Oakland, CA AUD A-

Crossroads Music Festival 2004-06-06 Dallas, TX Crossroads Guitar Festival" [Label: Mid Valley Records MVR 303/304/305/306/307]. UAD A-

Pearl Jam 1991-04-26 Seattle, WA Ten Rough Mixes SBD A
Pearl Jam 1991-10-23 East Lansing, MI Interview FM A-
Pearl Jam 1992-02-07 Stockholm, Sweden AUD B+
Pearl Jam 1992-02-09 Copenhagen, Denmark AUD A-
Pearl Jam 1992-03-02 Den Haag, Netherlands SBD A
Pearl Jam 1992-03-16 Queens, NY MTV Unplugged SBD A
Pearl Jam 1994-04-03 Atlanta, GA SBD A+
Pearl Jam 1995-01-08 Seattle, WA Interview A+
Pearl Jam 1995-11-04 San Jose, CA SBD A

Barenaked Ladies 1999-12-31 Buffalo, NY AUD 1st Gen B
Barenaked Ladies 2003-10-29 Milwaukee, WI FM A
Metallica 1985-07-14 Master of Puppets Demos SBD A-
Metallica 1983-09-?? Ride the Lightning Demos SBD A-
Motley Crue 2004-12-15 AOL Sessions (MP3?) SBD A
Stevie Ray Vaughan 1990-01-30 AA Speech SBD A
Winger 1988-10-22 Laguna Hills, CA AUD B
Winger 1990-09-16 Phoenix, AZ AUD B+

Metallica 1982 Garage Sessions SBD A
Metallica 1996 Garage Days Pt II SBD A
Metallica 1989-03-04 Pittsburgh, PA (Complete show) AUD B+
Steel Panther 2010-06-11 Norje, Sweden AUD A-

Kenny Chesney 2010-05-15 Las Vegas, NV AUD A-
Sammy Hagar 2010-07-02 Naperville, IL AUD B+
Skid Row Skin Heads [Label: Beech Marten Records - BM 072]. AUD A-
Skid Row Wild Hurricane [Label: Planet-X - Plan006]. AUD A-
Steel Panther 2010-06-13 UK AUD A-
Sting 2010-06-15 Los Angeles, CA Exc AUD A
Winger 2010-04-10 Aschaffenburg, Germany AUD B+
Winger 2010-06-12 Norje, Sweden AUD B

Disturbed 2002-10-03 Milwaukee, WI AUD C+
Disturbed 2010-09-19 Tempe, AZ AUD B
Disturbed 2003-03-21 Lowell, MA AUD B
Disturbed 2010-09-10 Dallas, TX AUD A-
Barenaked Ladies 2001-04-08 Glasgow, England AUD B+
Barenaked Ladies 1999-02-10 Hamburg, Germany FM A
Cinderella 2010-06-18 Holmden, NJ AUD B
Poison 2000-07-18 Atlanta, GA AUD B

Barenaked Ladies 2010-11-02 Oklahoma City, OK AUD A-
Bon Jovi 1984-03-16 Philadelphia, PA "On Stage In Philadelphia" [Label: Sounds Alive - SA 24.023]. SBD A+
Def Leppard 1999-12-31 Chicago, IL AUD A-
Dokken 1987-11-10 “Lightnin’ Strikes in Philly” SBD A+
Dokken 1988-04-21 “Turn on The Action” SBD A
Rolling Stones 1994-10-31 “All Hallow's Eve” [Label: The Swinging' Pig - TSP-CD-195-2]. SBD A
Rolling Stones 1997-09-18 “Live AT Double Door Remastered” Label: Sister Morphine - MORPH 01]. EXC AUD A-
Rolling Stones “Rarities on Compact Disc Vol. 16” [Label: Westwood One Radio Networks, 1992]. SBD A+

Bon Jovi The Basement Tapes (SWW Demos) SBD B+
Guster 1999-07-XX Pasty Tapes SBD A
Guster 2003-04-22 Pasty Tapes Vol 2 SBD A
Guster 2005-12-15 Pasty Tapes Vol 3 SBD A
Motley Crue 1982 Shout At The Devil Demos SBD A
Queen 1986-06-21 “Done Under Pressure” [Label: Gypsy Eye GE 141/142]. FM Broadcast. A
Warren Zevon 1978-05-13 Chicago, IL FM A
Warren Zevon 2000-04-22 Seattle, WA SBD A+

Rolling Stones 1989-08-29 “Dead Man Cumming” [Label: The Eternal Records - ETR]. SBD A
Rolling Stones 1989 “Nine 19 Teen” [Label: Mid Valley Records MVR - 185-189 + unnumbered Bonus CD]. SBD A
Rolling Stones 1990-07-07 “Seventh of July” [Label: Chamelion - CHAM 2-9000]. FM A

Brothers Creeggan 2011-02-10 S&D 4 AUD A
Ed Robertson's Songwriters Panel 2011-02-10 AUD A-
Rolling Stones 1972 “Plug In Flush Out” [Label: Vinyl Gang Products 2000 VGP-259]. SBD A
Rolling Stones Necrophilia Alternate Takes 1964-1967 "Necrophilia" [Label: Vinyl Gang Product - VGP 317]. SBD A+
Rolling Stones "In The Eighties" [Label: Invasion Unlimited - IU9538-1]. SBD A
Rolling Stones “More From The VooDoo Lounge” Label: Sunrise Records - SR 0010]. SBD A
Rolling Stones 1981-11-23 Chicago, IL SBD A

Bon Jovi 1993-10-01 Melbourne, Australia FM A
Bon Jovi 1995-10-28 São Paulo, Brazil TV Broadcast A-
Bon Jovi 2000-05-04 Chicago, IL "Chitown Blues." AUD B+
Bon Jovi 2002-10-15 New Haven, CT FM A
Bon Jovi 2003-03-27 Buffalo, NY "Give Me 5% More." A Producer Production. IEM SBD/AUD B+
Bon Jovi 2005-09-19 New York, NY Unknown SBD recording A
Bon Jovi 2011-03-26 Vancouver, BC IEM A
Jon Bon Jovi 1997-09-19 Trenton, NJ FM SBD A

Aerosmith 1993-10-31 Brussels “Skin & Bones” [Label: Backstage Cat - BKCD065/66]. SBD A
Bon Jovi 1986-08-31 Mannheim, Germany AUD A-
Bon Jovi 1986-12-06 Stockholm, Sweden AUD B
Bon Jovi 1990-01-10 London, England AUD B
Bon Jovi 1994-12-08 Boston, MA AUD A-

Disturbed 2011-03-11 Tuscon, AZ AUD
Disturbed 2011-05-21 Milwaukee, WI AUD
Jon Bon Jovi 1997-07-31 New Orleans, LA FM A
Jon Bon Jovi 1997-08-05 Detroit, MI FM A
Jon Bon Jovi 1997-08-12 &13 England FM A+
Jon Bon Jovi 1997-10-20 Sydney, Australia "Australian Beach" [Label: Lion Productions - LP BJ0015]. SBD A+
Metallica Live at Grimey's 2010 SBD A
Weird Al 2011-05-20 Glenside, PA AUD B
Weird Al 1995-03-31 SBD A

Barenaked Ladies 2011-08-20 Webster, MA AUD A-
Barenaked Ladies 2011-08-17 Farmington, NY AUD B
Metallica Live Before Death Oct 18-Sep 17 1982 SBD A
Metallica 2004-08-28 Chicago, IL SBD A
Metallica 2004-08-27 Chicago, IL SBD A
Rolling Stones 1997 “Web Choices” [Label: LC971/Web 001]. SBD A

Eric Clapton 1998-04-09 "Twilight" [Label: Mid Valley 063/064]. ALD SBD A
Eric Clapton 1998-04-10 "Spiritual Home" [Label: Geetarz 139/140]. AUD B+
Metallica 1999-05-23 "Dynamo Open Air 1999" [Label: Metal 230599 a/b]. SBD A
Metallica 1999-06-25 SBD A
Metallica 1987-08-29 “Nuremburg Trials” SBD A
Rolling Stones 1981-12-14 "Mick Taylor We Love You And We'll Always Do!" [Label: Empress Valley Supreme Disc / EVSD 210-211]. SBD A

Eric Clapton 1991-02-17 “Play With Fire” 2005 Remaster [Label: Mid Valley - MV325/326]. AUD A-
Eric Clapton 1994-11-03 “Kind Of Blues” 2005 remaster [Label: Mid Valley - MV 328/329]. AUD A-
Guns 'N' Roses “Session” [Label: Uzi Suicide - GNR871/GNR872]. SBD A
Rolling Stones Unsurpassed Masters Vol 1 1963-64 JWB compilation SBD A
Rolling Stones Unsurpassed Masters Vol 2 1965-67 JWB Compilation SBD A
Rolling Stones Unsurpassed Masters Vol 3 1968-69 JWB compilation SBD A
Rolling Stones Unsurpassed Masters Vol 5 1972-76 JWB Compilation SBD A

The Beatles “In Their Own Words Rockumentary” 1995 [Label: Laserlight - 12/591-595]. SBD A+

Monsters of Rock 1990-08-18 London, UK BBC Radio 1 Live FM A
Richard Marx 1987-07-11 FM A
Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble 1983 Reading, UK BBC FM A
Sting 2011-10-05 San Francisco, CA AUD B+
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 2011-10-05 San Francisco, CA AUD B+

Bon Jovi 2002-09-11 Tokyo, Japan "Reaching Out To You" [Label: Sylph Records - SP-91102368]. SBD A
Chickenfoot 2011-11-01 San Francisco, CA AUD B+
Chickenfoot 2011-11-04 St. Louis, MO AUD B+
Chickenfoot 2011-11-08 New York, NY AUD B+
Rolling Stones 1981-11-20 Cedar Falls "Cedar Falls 1981" 2011 Munichhilton Remaster Version AUD A-
Weird Al 2011-10-04 Hollywood, FL AUD B+

Megadeth 1998-09-23 Santaiago, Chile "Chile '98" A great SBD recording. A
Megadeth 2000-07-05 Salt Lake City, UT PRE-FM A
Nirvana The Chosen Rejects SBD A+
Rolling Stones Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 6 (1977-79) SBD A

Bon Jovi 2002-05-06 New Orleans, LA Niege78 version SBD A
Bon Jovi 2006-06-02 London, England FM A
Bon Jovi 2010-06-04 Madrid, Spain SBD A
Bon Jovi 2011-06-25 London, UK Niege78 version AUD A

Bon Jovi 1984-10-11 Ipswich, England FM A
Bon Jovi 1984-10-25 (MP3)
Bon Jovi 1988-09-19 New York, NY hAnD90 Version. Radio Broadcast B+
Bon Jovi 1989-09-06 Newport Beach, CA SBD A
Bon Jovi 1990-02-17 Monterrey, Mexico SBD A
Bon Jovi 1991-11-16 San Diego, CA Niege78 version AUD B
Bon Jovi 1992-11-19 Madrid, Spain Kathleen Version. FM Broadcast. A-
Bon Jovi 1993-04-17 Stockholm, Sweden AUD B
Bon Jovi 1993-07-31 Darien Lake, NY Niege78 Version. SBD. Ripped from a videotape B+

Rolling Stones Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7 (1963-70) SBD A
Rolling Stones “Whores, Cocaine, & a Bottle Of Jack,”Vol. 1 &2 "Whores, Cocaine and a Bottle of Jack - The Complete 1975 L.A. Forum Tapes. 25th Anniversary Edition." [Label: Empress Valley Supreme Disc - EVSD 43-50] SBD A

Rolling Stones Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 4 (1970-71) SBD A
Rolling Stones 1967 Satanic Sessions Vol 1 SBD A
Rolling Stones -1967 Satanic Sessions Vol 2 SBD A
Megadeth 1998-09-23 Santaigo, Chile "Chile '98" SBD A+
The Eagles 1980-03-04 Inglewood, CA "Inglewood 1980." Excellent SBD "The RS Arvhives" A

Keith Urban 2014-08-22 Charlotte, NC IEM Matrix A
Montrose 1973-04-21 Sausalito, CA FM A
Montrose 1976-11-18 Boston, MA AUD A
Rival Sons 2013-08-23 Chicago, IL AUD A-
Sammy Hagar 2013-08-23 Chicago, IL AUD A-
Sammy Hagar 2013-08-23 Chicago, IL [CA-11, 16-bit] AUD A-
Steven Page 2013-06-29 AUD B+

Bee Gees 1991-07-07 London, UK "On Stage '91" [Labe: Drifter - CD005]. From FM Broadcast. A
Bon Jovi 1993-05-16 "Live In London 1993" [label: Round Three Production - Rt001/2]. AUD B+
Bon Jovi 1995-06-18 Lahr, Germany "Roll Your Tape" [Label: RHP012/A/B]. From FM Broadcast A
Doobie Brothers 1979-02-22 "Oriental Minute" [Label: Grace Carry Records LTD - GC CD 003]. SBD A+
Fleetwood Mac 2003-05-15 Buffalo, NY Gremlins In The Attic” SBD A
Fleetwood Mac 1982-10-12 Memphis, TN SBD A
Heart 1985-08-31 Raleigh, NC "Splendid Resurrection" [Label: Breakdown - 106A/B].FM A

The Dead 2015-07-03 Chicago, IL AUD B+
The Dead 2015-07-04 Chicago, IL AUD B+
The Dead 2015-07-05 Chicago, IL AUD B+
The Dead 2015-07-03 Chicago, IL SBD A
The Dead 2015-07-04 Chicago, IL SBD A
The Dead 2015-07-05 Chicago, IL SBD A

Barenaked Ladies 2015-07-15 Grand Prairie, TX AUD B+
Barenaked Ladies 2015-05-28 Toronto, ON FM A+
Buddy Guy 2015-06-23 Milwaukee, WI AUD A-
Colin Hay 1997-08-03 Leofels, Germany FM A
Colin Hay 2015-06-26 Portland, ME AUD A
Rolling Stones 2015-06-17
Rolling Stones 2015-06-23 Milwaukee, WI (complete set) B+
Rolling Stones 2015-06-23 Milwaukee, WI (incomplete set) AUD A-
Violent Femmes 2015-06-26 Portland, ME AUD A-

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