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Audio - Audience Bruce Springsteen - The Sun Don't Go Down Here - 04.20.17, 08:32 AM

Bruce Springsteen

Show or Bootleg Title:
The Sun Don't Go Down Here

Show Venue:
Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland

Audio - Audience

Audio Quality/Production Info:

Flac Trade

File Format:

Set List/Chapters:
Date: June 17, 2003.

Disc One:
01 The Rising
02 Lonesome Day
03 The Ties That Bind
04 Candy's Room
05 My Love Will Not Let You Down
06 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
07 "Hiljaisuutta, Kiitos"
08 Empty Sky
09 The River

Disc Two:
01 Waitin' On A Sunny Day
02 No Surrender
03 Worlds Apart
04 Badlands
05 She's The One
06 Mary's Place
07 Jungleland
08 Into The Fire
09 Thunder Road

Disc Three:
01 Cadillac Ranch *
02 Hungry Heart
03 Ramrod
04 Born To Run
05 "Kiitos Helsinki, Kiitos Suomi"
06 My City Of Ruins
07 Land Of Hope And Dreams
08 Glory Days
09 Dancing In The Dark

Checksums or Fingerprints:
1\2003-06-17 D1Track01.flac:81d8930d1683dbdcd82c1505f16fe695
1\2003-06-17 D1Track02.flac:93ea904ea01c2c973b60046ef5444e8d
1\2003-06-17 D1Track03.flac:06cd30325486bb4e808809c9986ddd0b
1\2003-06-17 D1Track04.flac:3e08787304993adc82a36b7e2d502373
1\2003-06-17 D1Track05.flac:a8f06df2f4ef6dcc814f8b9d52926b25
1\2003-06-17 D1Track06.flac:36b9c2088eebc8c4fde69e589715cc38
1\2003-06-17 D1Track07.flac:e90d02d77aca4f4da6a0b9076299adfb
1\2003-06-17 D1Track08.flac:63621092224f8c93fddd8015f9ef5b93
1\2003-06-17 D1Track09.flac:12017c723db8e38568db9251cc65f31d
2\2003-06-17 D2Track01.flac:fb6e44a15c80c03d8129792ad9fb7253
2\2003-06-17 D2Track02.flac:e89fd2638b537222ba612b6feac12347
2\2003-06-17 D2Track03.flac:ace9e671d1033e124c0326eff99c83af
2\2003-06-17 D2Track04.flac:c6f691fed4ccc7983aff93f85e580197
2\2003-06-17 D2Track05.flac:13b3a1f05a10f59b7ecb8475e7e5fc2a
2\2003-06-17 D2Track06.flac:e7e84f6fc6e656908c739c8ef5293e2b
2\2003-06-17 D2Track07.flac:822bb9b1f391c5be38d6931f6909b61e
2\2003-06-17 D2Track08.flac:67e90aaca286c1b479237b8b537095e7
2\2003-06-17 D2Track09.flac:24a25bed3421af6a6f71bcc72726bd86
3\2003-06-17 D3Track01.flac:7647f921221864848727dab2eab1fcda
3\2003-06-17 D3Track02.flac:386baaf3fd347a2d586791838d1e87fc
3\2003-06-17 D3Track03.flac:11b5227db5bc9f9a1ad6964ac39506fb
3\2003-06-17 D3Track04.flac:3952b3de783ffea7c5a0441d064575d5
3\2003-06-17 D3Track05.flac:df7bfa91e8b34f118ced19e5fcb3cd69
3\2003-06-17 D3Track06.flac:47b1c5aaaada7b49abcade7461b79cd9
3\2003-06-17 D3Track07.flac:d63634c1ef9825cb6abc6bf7a5cdddfc
3\2003-06-17 D3Track08.flac:6a310709db220c495d04553402ef4f36
3\2003-06-17 D3Track09.flac:27b753248ccd1a68ebeae699e638a8d3

- Tour premiere of "The River", finally played in the original arrangement (with addition of violin) - beautiful. The arrangement was changed a little for the next shows so this is unique.
- Excellent show, Bruce & the band are in top form and they clearly aim to make up for missing Finland on all previous tours.
- "Cadillac Ranch" is complete on this 'release' - mixed the beginning with the Crystal Cat source of this show to complete the track.
- "She's The One" features the harmonica again.
- Glory Days is played as an 'extra' song after "Land Of Hope And Dreams".
- The soundcheck for this show (and the night before) was about 2 hours long.


Backstreets: "Whaaaaaa? For the first time on The Rising Tour, "You're Missing" drops out of the set. It's not the song we'd choose to lose, but nearly a year into the tour, a little experimentation with the core set sounds good to us. "Empty Sky" is followed instead by "The River," the tour premiere of a full-band version. "Seven Nights to Rock" actually rocked for ten nights running, its absence tonight ending that streak. "Born in the U.S.A." is dropped as well, with "The Rising" shifting back to the opening slot. In all, quite a different set from the first Finland show, with nine songs not played the night before, including "Candy's Room," "She's the One," "Jungleland," and "Cadillac Ranch.""
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