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Audio - Studio wasp - wasp and pre-era demos (32 songs) - 11.04.16, 09:48 AM


Show or Bootleg Title:
wasp and pre-era demos (32 songs)

Show Venue:

Audio - Studio

Audio Quality/Production Info:


File Format:

Set List/Chapters:
Wasp 1982 demo`s

01 On your knees
02 School daze
03 B.A.D.
04 Hellion
05 Sleeping(in the fire)
06 Master of disaster


Wasp 1983 demo`s

07 Animal (fuck like a beast)
08 Sleeping(in the fire)
09 I wanna be somebody
10 Hellion
11 Show no mercy
12 School daze
13 On your knees
14 B.A.D.
15 Tormentor
16 Torture never stops
17 I wanna be somebody (take 2)


Killer kane demos 1976

18 Mr.cool
19 Long haired woman
20 Don`t need you


Sister demos 1977-1979

21 Sex drive
22 Tear down the wall
23 Don`t know what i am
24 80`s ladies (this is sister or circus circus demo)
25 Sweet dreams (This is sister or circus circus demo)

Circus circus 1980

26 Star dancer
27 Harley heart
28 Mr.Cool

Blackie Lawless 1980

29 Silver rain


London 1981

30 Chasing a rainbow
31 Straight from the heart


W.A.S.P. 1993

32 Rocktown U.S.A.

Checksums or Fingerprints:
# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (http://www.md5summer.org)
# Generated 4.11.2016 18:53:23

988e95dee2e82323ec1e220c06438efd *01 On your knees.flac
db8742cd9ec2e79e7eae9352a6b6348d *02 School daze.flac
0dce71b68ecfda1e1b1ecd8e2e0d60d0 *03 B.A.D..flac
22c65058bd4de8a1fd4fe93de10e741a *04 Hellion.flac
e32cd94ac81b276232ab296d67e3a4e6 *05 Sleeping (in the fire).flac
2191dd3324330a9413acfcb49ea57bdb *06 Master Of Disaster [Demo].flac
4bcfeba289215cba0e2d937608ade242 *07Animal (fuck like a beast).flac
a4a5d3dc03220ef1ac12b848d6ba76ff *08 Sleeping in the fire.flac
33b9572d1d54289ef78a66608c6a9693 *09 I wanna be somebody.flac
15f005a68a1fdb61dc762edf950954c4 *10 hellion.flac
1924128521dd13bec5f7702e4661db28 *11 show no mercy.flac
8ddd56d911c3cbb10373570bc0090e6f *12 School Daze.flac
a5c51f96cfd9b57342e549b06115ed7a *13 On Your Knees.flac
41ecd487416d66b3d9dfd2c41b3f2c8a *14 B.A.D..flac
810457830bc6c3ad433e905077cc5a6c *15 Tormentor.flac
8baa7a5b51c75e4f752760e33601513c *16 The torture never stops.flac
eea276290fd5be85adb2463fcb31a0d5 *17 I wanna be somebody ver.2.flac
aadf27171ea0b6225a28fb2380076352 *18 Mr.Cool.flac
c6b18b1ef867c75d067e8bdf24a2a997 *19 Long haired woman.flac
3006c22d7a92d04d61c89833d1c90491 *20 Don`t need you.flac
eec2119d7d45d66faa4471088750dbf2 *21 Sex Drive [Demo].flac
9240f92bcd9440c18860fe7d9647d29c *22 Tear down the wall.flac
1f93f28f890762a1063f8cd0edbdb0ee *23 Don't Know What I Am (Sister Demo).flac
e0a818fb08ec5f2818812a976d1aa981 *24 80`s ladies.flac
9561637867c3789362ce138549416005 *25 Sweet Dreams.flac
7c412106c1b03c2e127cc539170c235c *26 Star Dancer (Demo 1980).flac
d8669654ac86045b4698abebe653863a *27 Harley Heart (Circus Circus).flac
722781f8f807964244c55ba98ad75ba4 *28 Mr. Cool ver.2.flac
83f0a807cf5e59dd3832e48d7c5f7250 *29 Silver rain.flac
f630e65fee444adbdfea3b364a47f346 *30 Chasing A Rainbow.flac
b6f0739172f0325a282b0d6a949532e8 *31 Straight from the heart.flac
a5ae70610ff18afdddf74fd3301cacf2 *32 Rocktown U.S.A..flac
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11.04.16, 03:19 PM

W.A.S.P. was on my top 10 favorite bands in the 80's. Thanks for sharing these demos!

I have Ronnie James DIO artwork sorted by year. folders are to the left in Library:


Long Live the Magic & Music of Ronnie James DIO!
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11.04.16, 05:58 PM

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11.05.16, 11:33 AM

Really cool stuff - thanks for sharing, looking forward to hearing these demos.
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11.12.16, 09:39 PM

Mondo Thanks!!
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01.16.17, 09:12 AM

very rare thank you
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thank you - 05.31.17, 12:28 AM

Many thanks!!
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Thanks - 02.17.18, 07:06 AM

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32, demos, pre-era, songs, wasp

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