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Whitesnake - Whitesnake, 2015-12-02 - 12.07.15, 09:20 AM


Show or Bootleg Title:
Whitesnake, 2015-12-02

Show Venue:
TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Audio - Audience

Audio Quality/Production Info:
A- Kite Productions

Tascam DR-05 >> micro sd >> PC >> audacity >> you

File Format:

Set List/Chapters:

01. My Generation.flac
02. Intro.flac
03. Burn.flac
04. Bad Boys.flac
05. Love ain't no stranger.flac
06. Gypsy.flac
07. Give me all your love.flac
08. You keep on moving.flac
09. Ain't no love in the heart of the city.flac
10. Guitar solo.flac
11. Mistreated.flac
12. You fool no one.flac
13. Drum solo.flac
14. Soldier of fortune.flac
15. Is this love.flac
16. Fool for your loving.flac
17. Here I go again (with Ad van den Berg).flac
18. Still of the night ( with Ad van den Berg).flac
19. We wish you well(outro).flac

Checksums or Fingerprints:
md5 sums created with Arch Linux 12-03-2015

a68116926058bae7c42caa741727a39c ./01. My Generation.flac
641d58898e7f363ba2027bc99e65af34 ./02. Intro.flac
6729db1a256b1d2f14fb8bf1828ec1b1 ./03. Burn.flac
9606593e7d6f2b861d5f16fe224f7ce7 ./04. Bad Boys.flac
33725d00240296825bc4bf3f5066893e ./05. Love ain't no stranger.flac
d12d902688f7aa3cdaca2d760d047e7c ./06. Gypsy.flac
1bde1601beb478c5f0a7fcabea925716 ./07. Give me all your love.flac
15b04f8d3f8a4c9d11846aefc782dd4c ./08. You keep on moving.flac
d74335320f1ca4e34a3a6f2510787162 ./09. Ain't no love in the heart of the city.flac
8492a9d5ecf4ac19746a38f7a95e59ed ./10. Guitar solo.flac
93e6c23e145e5929d11002ce4e31019f ./11. Mistreated.flac
60d6d88ce471b4cee97eb9d531da0a70 ./12. You fool no one.flac
30e200d43747425d2515095645818246 ./13. Drum solo.flac
8072c23c8ca2c3fe2f90f8094dcde395 ./14. Soldier of fortune.flac
1738bca1ee4c030b271417e7e5ac3775 ./15. Is this love.flac
bc982040d8334935ec1bf8f3a2ee1b0c ./16. Fool for your loving.flac
b6d591e54391e0efd82b9634b33460c9 ./17. Here I go again (with Ad van den Berg).flac
7918655c74ab6497d3578f3871b2d30d ./18. Still of the night ( with Ad van den Berg).flac
71daab709a3b035cb4880e10b792e679 ./19. We wish you well(outro).flac

My evening

With the attacs in Paris in mind Whitesnake wanted all visitors searched one by one, some needed to show their bags, others needed arm and legs wide and some needed to go by the gate. I was on time in Utrecht and got in line, coming to the search my ticket could not be scanned and i was pissed cause i needed to go back down to the ticket sale explain my prob and ask for a new scanable ticket. got the ticket and could go back in line at the end out of the venue cause the line was growed since i was send off.
finally inside i was glad i just showed my bag with my phone and keys in. tascam was on the right place not to find :mrgreen: . support act was not that good and with the red white and blue from France Whitesnake started just in time, in my opinion David was good at voice yesterday. Got a great night and mr Tommy Aldridge Drum Solo was great, at one moment he thew away his drum sticks and get on with his hands, awesome… never seen this before at a concert

And Whitesnake playing Holland without Ad vanden Berg life long member wasn’t complete so he did wath everybody expected he showed up and played, the result you can hear, i hope you all enjoy as i did
At some times you hear someone caugh, that's me.... still recovering from a lunginfluence

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I know I live in my own world, but that does not matter because they know me there


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12.08.15, 12:01 AM

Thank you...
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2015-12-02, whitesnake

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