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Video - Pro Shot The Offspring - London, Eng - Jan 20, 2001 + Bonus - 03.27.14, 06:56 AM

The Offspring

Show or Bootleg Title:
London, Eng - Jan 20, 2001 + Bonus

Show Venue:
Wembley Arena + Rock Am Ring 2008

DVD - Pro Shot

Video Quality/Production Info:
A+ / Bandit999

Audio/Video Specs:


Set List/Chapters:
The Offspring - Wembley Arena London (20th January 2001)
Tracks List:-
01 - Bad Habit
02 - All I Want
03 - Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
04 - Million Miles Away
05 - Gone Away
06 - Have You Ever
07 - Gotta Get Away
08 - Staring At The Sun
09 - Dammit, I Changed Again
10 - Original Prankster
11 - The Kids Aren't Alright
12 - Self Esteem
13 - Come Out And Play
14 - Want You Bad
Running Time: 50 Minutes

The Offspring - Rock Am Ring Nürburgring Germany (7th June 2008)
Tracks List:-
01 - Pretty Fly(For A White Guy)
02 - Americana
03 - Ska
04 - The Kids Aren't Alright
05 - (I Can't Get My) Head Around You
06 - Self Esteem
Running Time 19 Minutes

Checksums or Fingerprints:
# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (http://www.md5summer.org)
# Generated 3/27/2014 9:53:54 AM

1caacfbfed1e6e6fccb0140103a26aa5 *VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.BUP
1caacfbfed1e6e6fccb0140103a26aa5 *VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO
9a5bc67ecd539ca5056c108541f389d7 *VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.VOB
5c46f004489d9adddb35061d92c37bbc *VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.BUP
5c46f004489d9adddb35061d92c37bbc *VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.IFO
6b74d3b4f2d3249810fe9a633b8e91a9 *VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.VOB
bf30f7cf4b063ff3e62ef026d9fa1e9d *VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_1.VOB
e28d380f8c17f6cdc0bbfc37ddd4a7eb *VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_2.VOB
caaabf7ec5bee17f2b33e6ff5cd836c8 *VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_3.VOB
f28ae646a62ff5d3287174880513d5af *VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_4.VOB
949f2f96aa9809be6d3bffe051700db1 *VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_5.VOB
23a68b6beaae48be7c79a78f9e49dff0 *The Offspring-Wembley Arena(2001)Rock Am Ring(2008).txt

Original info:
OK here's a great show by The Offspring, this is a proper
widescreen copy. It was originally shown in the wrong
aspect ratio on German TV which i have corrected without
re-encoding using TMPGenc MPEG Editor, i have also included
the 6 tracks shown from their Rock Am Ring 2008 show.
If you appreciate all the time and hard work
I put into everything i bring you...........
A simple thanks (in words!) sure does mean a lot........
This has been fully authored as usual.
Enjoy your friend Bandit999

My input: This has the original info file, but I had to make a new MD5 as it originally wasn't shared with one. This is a fantastic DVD. My favorite of the few Offspring shows that I own. I'm sharing this for a request, and it's likely this is my last upload here. I've shared 2 Bon Jovi shows in the last couple of days with not one single comment on either of them. Those of you that know me know that I love to share stuff, but I simply don't see the point if it's not appreciated. So, perhaps this is my farewell upload. Wish you well! Peace

As Always... Not meant for sale! Enjoy!!
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Signature... My trade website: http://real808.webs.com/
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Talking thanks - 03.27.14, 08:54 AM

thanks for this upload and my request , l now some people just download and say noth easy thanks thats little bit reason why l now more at Dime
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03.28.14, 02:42 AM

Thanks for sharing ! Any artwork welcome...

I know what you feel : I upload from time to time on Dime and JTT and in the best cases, 10% of the leechers are posting a little work / thank you, which is a little bit disappointing. But I keep on seeding for the 10% respectful people around, and do not care about the 90% selfish ones. And I do not talk about people that are leeching your seeds on a website and uploading it on another website without thanking the sources...
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04.13.14, 01:31 AM

Thank you very much for this rare DVD. It is a treasure. Unfortunetelly there isn't too much Offspring Pro-Shot DVD on internet. So big thank you for this one!
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20, 2001, bonus, eng, jan, london, offspring

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