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Audio - Studio Dokken - Mexico City 2006-04-28 - 03.13.13, 01:50 PM


Show or Bootleg Title:
Mexico City 2006-04-28 "Too High To Sing"

Show Venue:
Hard Rock Live


Audio Quality/Production Info:

Sony HI-MD MZ-M100 / Standalone / WAV / CD Wav / Flac Reduction Level 6 / YOU

File Format:

Set List/Chapters:
Intro / Unchain The Night
Into The Fire
Dream Warriors
Kiss Of Death
The Hunter
Breakin' The Chains
Alone Again
Paris is Burning
Too High To Fly / Guitar Solo

Just Got Lucky
It's Not Love
Tooth and nail
Give me a Reason
In My Dreams
When Heaven Comes Down

Checksums or Fingerprints:
9c5ec099cff5d880c272b0cea081b2d5 *dokkenDF.txt
ee1d1ea4a35d28df1d02772f0a4bd9b5 *DokkenMex06Back.jpg
0dc44f135b75d6ab201c48b3af6a3da5 *DokkenMex06Front.jpg
16287f261d3b9475bbc4eb2198c6348d *CD1\01 Pista 1.flac
664a5e67fe051553ed39b7f3a75eddcd *CD1\02 Pista 2.flac
1c313512b9f1fb88e6aedddf99a44d28 *CD1\03 Pista 3.flac
605227eae02ad6758c74634cc7c869b7 *CD1\04 Pista 4.flac
98d9358f76ada65faaf7573fe1ae50c7 *CD1\05 Pista 5.flac
2c0f807fffe7236587dfbc4ec81c110e *CD1\06 Pista 6.flac
49ec706427cb90937418295a48623046 *CD1\07 Pista 7.flac
89c7f0e294eff23c31ab9b2310fec9e6 *CD1\08 Pista 8.flac
48460d1c780965d2c5f23a5b320ce6a6 *CD1\09 Pista 9.flac
624c93159cd4d904618f37930bf17305 *CD1\CD1.md5
16def1546115b669e213bac9c733fd31 *CD2\01 Pista 1.flac
86a430510857f1ea43d031d8aaa03ba6 *CD2\02 Pista 2.flac
11f8f8ac2e44185474a4bd8f500a26e8 *CD2\03 Pista 3.flac
b34ebf57cfaa5c887d59bb94b801b4f5 *CD2\04 Pista 4.flac
58fe06d7d55e3844b2c90da6cc27c75e *CD2\05 Pista 5.flac
6a1e55175726503b0376311370314887 *CD2\06 Pista 6.flac
809ecfd647f4d8299c9b49cc448c89bc *CD2\07 Pista 7.flac
f604965d01fec1a38ebe5525a806c7f6 *CD2\CD2.md5

uploaded by Vegueta in 2008, damn good sndbd

original md5's did not check out because .ini files for each disc
were not included in download
original md5's are still included here, all other files check out
new md5 & ffp have been included
along with original artwork & info file

Vegueta's original comments:
OK please first of all dont share this show out of this site, I want this torrent just for Jam To THis

Because my job I have access to several FOH (Front of The House) Soundboards, so when I can I tape the shows straight from it or from Monitors's soundboard
This time I'm sharing one of my masters, something really unusualbut I think I have a debt with this site and all the material I have gotten here so this is my way to say thank you very much.
Almost all my recordings from SBD are of Extreme Metal bands so is not good to ask for more because they dont have space in this torrent
Please never encode as Mp3, enjoy it and let me know your thoughts

Enjoy it !


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03.13.13, 10:48 PM

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03.14.13, 02:10 AM

many thanks
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03.14.13, 02:50 PM

Mondo Thanks!!
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03.15.13, 01:33 AM

Thanks for sharing.
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03.15.13, 08:57 AM

thanks for the DOKKEN !
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03.20.13, 09:49 AM

Closed Thread

2006-04-28, city, dokken, mexico

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