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Video - Audience Judas Priest - Koseinenkin Hall,1991,04,12 - 10.10.12, 04:22 AM

Judas Priest

Show or Bootleg Title:
Koseinenkin Hall,1991,04,12

Show Venue:
Osaka, Japan

DVD - Audience

Video Quality/Production Info:
Video: B, Audio: B+

Audio/Video Specs:
Video Attributes:
Video compression mode: MPEG-2
TV system: 525/60 (NTSC)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Display Mode: Both Pan&scan and Letterbox
Source picture resolution: 720x480 (525/60)
Frame Rate: 30.00
Source picture letterboxed: Not letterboxed
Bitrate: 3.55Mbps

Audio Attributes:
Audio Coding mode: Dolby Digital
Sampling Rate: 48kHz
Audio application mode: Not Specified
Number of Audio channels: 2.0
Bitrate: 256 Kbps
Number of Audio streams: 1


Set List/Chapters:
1. Hell Bent For Leather
2. Grinder
3. The Hellion/Electric Eye
4. All Guns Blazing
5. The Sentinel
6. Metal Gods
7. Night Crawler
8. The Ripper
9. Beyond The Realms Of Death
10.Riding On the Wind
11.Scott Solo
12.Victim Of Changes
14.The Green Manalishi
15.Breaking The Law
16.Living After Midnight
17.You´ve Got Another Thing Comin

Checksums or Fingerprints:
# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (http://www.md5summer.org)
# Generated 10/10/2012 07:27:09 a.m.

ab145a2f69c955b6eabfe464e53c7ace *VIDEO_TS.BUP
ab145a2f69c955b6eabfe464e53c7ace *VIDEO_TS.IFO
d5d903e441575203c51232a9ef9ab879 *VIDEO_TS.VOB
d6fecabf6be61334723f81a2d3acb8a1 *VTS_01_0.BUP
d6fecabf6be61334723f81a2d3acb8a1 *VTS_01_0.IFO
eb0340608579f9fe8171caae6c220b54 *VTS_01_0.VOB
29926dbb34a1379e169922c39bae69e9 *VTS_01_1.VOB
abd9b05608468a71faf8a77ea36ce9e4 *VTS_01_2.VOB
2d9c2673b7a80f9aabbee7fbc3085a75 *VTS_01_3.VOB
a1cf34c9874f78a79dfaac0ca4660a50 *VTS_01_4.VOB
e7f38922c649f154365b7a9da03703b4 *VTS_01_5.VOB

One of the best of this tour.Japanese are lucky.Rock on.
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10.10.12, 11:07 AM

This one looks good. Thanks a lot.

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10.10.12, 11:25 AM

Thanks for this show
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Talking 10.10.12, 01:08 PM

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10.11.12, 12:34 AM

Thanks for sharing
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10.11.12, 11:07 AM

thanks bro
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10.12.12, 02:08 PM

Thank you so much for this... The Metal Gods Lives On!!!! \m/
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04, 12, 1991, hall, judas, koseinenkin, priest

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