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Audio - Audience Dream Theater - A Montreal Ecstatic Event - Oct. 07, 2011 - 01.31.12, 05:43 AM

Dream Theater

Show or Bootleg Title:
A Montreal Ecstatic Event - Oct. 07, 2011

Show Venue:
Wilfrid-Pelletier Hall

Audio - Audience

Audio Quality/Production Info:
A- / SP Production

Audio lineage: Wave (Zoom H2, 44.1 KHz/16bit, 90 deg. mode) -> Fade In/Out, Track splitting, Amplif'n (Audacity) -> Flac level 8 (TLH) -> Song Tagging (Mp3tag). Video lineage: .Avi (Canon Powershot SX 110 IS) -> original .Avi dubbed with audio from my Zoom H2 recorder (VirtualDub) - no video reencoding Video files info: video: codec: MJPG, resolution: 640x480, frame rate: 30 audio: codec: araw, channels: 2, sample rate: 44.1 KHz, bits per sample: 16, bitrate: 1411 kb/s

File Format:

Set List/Chapters:
CD 1:

01. Intro tape: Dream Is Collapsing
02. Bridges in the Sky
03. These Walls
04. Interlude
05. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
06. Endless Sacrifice
07. Drum Solo
08. The Ytse Jam
09. Piano Interlude
10. Wait for Sleep
11. Far From Heaven

CD 2:

12. Outcry
13. On the Backs of Angels
14. Caught In A Web
15. Piano Interlude 2
16. Through My Words
17. Fatal Tragedy
18. Breaking All Illusions
19. Crowd Noise

--- Encore ---
20. Pull Me Under

Took five videos at the show with my Canon camera, which are in the Bonus videos subfolder:

01. Dream Theater - Montreal Oct 07, 2011 - Mike Mangini drum solo
02. Dream Theater - Montreal Oct 07, 2011 - The Ytse Jam
03. Dream Theater - Montreal Oct 07, 2011 - Wait For Sleep
04. Dream Theater - Montreal Oct 07, 2011 - Breaking All Illusions - from guitar solo
05. Dream Theater - Montreal Oct 07, 2011 - Pull Me Under

Checksums or Fingerprints:
01. Intro tape - Dream Is Collapsing.flac:a589175da0da16bf86578b9526b2dfa6
02. Bridges In The Sky.flac:5d831abefd81b33ea7db9e71888c059c
03. These Walls.flac:4f04e25753e7c8ee6addf222cbd75145
04. Interlude.flac:124aac9fd440b1533b231615e38006de
05. Build Me Up, Tear Me Down.flac:2365e52b5cbbe0875434f99b572f2dec
06. Endless Sacrifice.flac:0b9b817b756ae77e971c2a61bcdf84a8
07. Drum Solo.flac:547ff963d87430aa2431f555c7df1f02
08. The Ytse Jam.flac:d9700a2ea707f05df58fb54008914311
09. Piano Interlude.flac:837f714a58fd9707fbf3caf0c0c62ec8
10. Wait For Sleep.flac:63921eb380bb73e0ce162135a366e0c3
11. Far From Heaven.flac:cfb41fd6f21b5ccb7d1b6b32bb38c48e

01. Outcry.flac:0139c8b07007b5ee69017837c2cbd72c
02. On The Back Of Angels.flac:052516fb679a7deb5cd8929be7d3db78
03. Caught In A Web.flac:3be698c25f505e05d70899c00f7a7916
04. Piano Interlude 2.flac:189818b9ee53243066ba68ef0cf4a6ed
05. Through My Words.flac:9b193578cc19d3360c65f67ee1cfcd06
06. Fatal Tragedy.flac:f40d9187084c3c255e0a1bfb02e5e08c
07. Breaking All Illusions.flac:4ecd5b8ed2ebfef03bdd2911984170f2
08. Crowd Noise.flac:7dbf52efdc9744a7790a552917936195
09. Pull Me Under.flac:b8afe657d14afb58720e3f08784e8cf9

Video fingerprints:
e980dc8b9544a9e179f60405635f76a4 *1. Mangini solo.avi
905dd63ce2a8706c44c500410b57d460 *2. Ytse Jam.avi
35f3fbdc56f9674a676bdcdf8a6e84f1 *3. Wait For Sleep.avi
3850bff7bf417087417af9a077a0a1b1 *4. Breaking All Illusions - from guitar solo.avi
3ca161d05070dc467798759eccf781f2 *5. Pull Me Under.avi

Once again it was like a mad house, once again a sold out show and this time at the beautiful and acoustically-magnificent Wilfrid-Pelletier Hall, with screaming, roaring fans who never disappoint the band and the band never disappoints them. I personally wasn't that ecstatic, compared to previous years, perhaps due to the fact it was the 16th or 17th time seeing the band live, or that they played 6 out of 9 songs from the new album, which I actually rather like, but 6 songs is a tad too much, or may be even the fact that Portnoy wasn't there and I felt a bit bored, because we all know his mere presence was/is very entertaining. Even my girl commented on how she'd liked previous shows better than this one. Or could be the fact that 4 days prior to the show I saw Textures live, who are a whole other breed of music monsters with their brutal, crunchy riffs, powerful vocals and melodies, and of course awesome polyrhythms ... and perhaps I was still on that wave so DT's prog softness didn't quite do it for me that night, hence the 3-4 smoke breaks taken. But at the end it was a good night and as you can hear from the crowd's, or James' reactions, the fans loved the show and are always thirsty for more.

Booklet printing tips:

Print the "Inlay" on the back of the "Tray"
"2-27" on the back of "Front" (the outside of the booklet)
"3-26" on the back of "4-25"
"5-24" on the back of "6-23"
"7-22" on the back of "8-21"
"9-20" on the back of "10-19"
"11-18" on the back of "12-17"
"13-16" on the back of "14-15"
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02.02.12, 03:35 PM

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07, 2011, dream, ecstatic, event, montreal, oct., theater

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