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Audio - FM Broadcast Vow Wow - Manchester England 1989-03-18 - 10.17.10, 11:58 AM

Vow Wow

Show or Bootleg Title:
Manchester England 1989-03-18

Show Venue:

Audio - FM Broadcast

Audio Quality/Production Info:
FM (listenable)

fm - ? - traded cd - eac - flac - you

File Format:

Set List/Chapters:
Night By Night
Don't Leave Me Now
Don't Tell me Lies
Helter Skelter (The Beatles)
Shock Waves
Keyboard Solo
I Feel The Power
You're The One For Me

Mr Yamamoto Guitar Solo
Nightless City
Keep On Moving
Rock Me Now
Shot in The Dark

Checksums or Fingerprints:

fa18bfe67d10804cc7dc10ec99a4b36a *info vow wow manchester 89-03-18 .txt
c335495c9fa3eed487434b495230a10f *vow wow manchester 1989-03-18.ffp
ca8d5a7ec77b6ab19650803ff2b01d03 *cd1\Track01.flac
8b62258d8fe97506e6aca717e8397de6 *cd1\Track02.flac
ea08c294a0bc396046ef7b67cfc05895 *cd1\Track03.flac
2d460ea784c9e113bd39c9ec34509a18 *cd1\Track04.flac
03be8417074d7fa76d9446beed8288f1 *cd1\Track05.flac
38d96d4219be90b0ef815f72198204a2 *cd1\Track06.flac
4b16434839adc7c6a319ac71de83a9a1 *cd1\Track07.flac
ce8e9fedc8db26be8a43cee47ddda7bd *cd1\Track08.flac
08c9e628cacf0e1beecd49dfda304ffe *cd1\Track09.flac
b08d2ef5c5f9cc6dd226107aae5d9790 *cd2\Track01.flac
37a31351e47917e4b76379b000a3a4fe *cd2\Track02.flac
cc24ef428b7ec9c8d8a7850d0bb67aaa *cd2\Track03.flac
310bc3f7900aa648aedcb305acf1aae6 *cd2\Track04.flac
41e6eae97ed6860ed5823a1889da3039 *cd2\Track05.flac
06792ad018539def40d9b6084f661bfa *cd2\Track06.flac

A few months back someone from here sent me a PM requesting some japanese metal. Until I removed my private mails here some ago I forgot about this request. Sorry for being late.

So here is part one of a short series of japanese metal I can share here as long as there is some interest.

Beside this one here I've stored the following shows on pc :

Vow Wow NHK Hall Tokyo Japan 1984-06-23 (fm)
Vow Wow NHK Hall Tokyo Japan 1985-09-07 (fm)
Vow Wow Newcastle UK 1987-02-27 (fm)

Perhaps I'll record some Bow Wow or Loudness to the HDD next week.

Please let me know if you want them too. If someone here has more Vow Wow (or sideprojects), early Loudness, Concerto Moon, Double Dealer, Mari Hamada etc. PLEASE share.
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10.17.10, 01:43 PM

Loudness would be cool.... early or later stuff.....

Rate Your Seeder Please
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DoubleDealer DoubleDealer is offline
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10.18.10, 02:58 AM

Thanks again
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blondi1967 blondi1967 is offline

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10.26.10, 05:54 AM

Seed please
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Yeoman Yeoman is offline

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Smile 11.18.10, 08:37 AM

I've been dying to see some live Vow Wow torrents on the net. So thank you for this. Any other live Vow Wow is greatly appreciated. Oh, and please seed!
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guitarorchestra guitarorchestra is offline

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11.20.10, 05:35 AM

i'm getting absolutely nothing at the moment. any more seeding available please
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1989-03-18, england, manchester, vow, wow

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