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Audio - Soundboard Led Zeppelin - Alternative Graffiti Outtakes - 02.26.10, 05:22 AM

Led Zeppelin

Show or Bootleg Title:
Alternative Graffiti Outtakes

Show Venue:

Audio - Soundboard

Audio Quality/Production Info:

Audio Lineage:
CD > EAC > FLAC (L8)

File Format:

Set List/Chapters:
Both Discs are combined..

Disc 1:
01. Custard Pie (Alternate Version) 4:15
02. Trampled Underfoot (Double Vocal Mix) 5:34
03. Kashmir (Instrumental Version) 8:40
04. In The Light (Alternate Version) 7:08
05. Swan Song (Instrumental Version One) 1:21
06. Swan Song (Instumental Version Two) 3:35
07. Boogie With Stu (Alternate Mix) 6.07
08. Night Flight (Mix Down Session) 14:30
09. Trampled Underfoot (Alternate Mix) 5:13
10. Trampled Underfoot (Double Vocal Mix Long Version) 5:48
11. Wanton Song (Alternate Mix) 4:11
12. Wanton Song (Chicago FM Radio Mix) 3:53
Total Disc Time: 70:15

Disc 2:
01. Wanton Song (Takes 1-2) 4:21
02. Take Me Home (Takes 1-2) 5:57
03. In The Morning aka In The Light (Take 1) 6:9
04. Trampled Underfoot (Takes 1-6) 19:03
05. In The Morning aka In The Light (Take 2) 6:04
06. Sick Again 3:50
07. The Rover (Acoustic & Vocal) 1:07
08. Jam 3:15
09. In My Time Of Dying 13:01
Headley Grange Rehearsal Sessions 1974
Total Disc Time: 62:47

Checksums or Fingerprints:
# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (http://www.md5summer.org)
# Generated 2/26/2010 8:11:58 AM

baa00b72b870b8c0659b1002bd46d387 *01 Custard Pie (Alternate Version).flac
737cd9a2ff30fa8a2966ee088a131ce9 *02 Trampled Underfoot (Double Vocal Mix).flac
5a308173071f3c30bad5d7ee6eeeb60a *03 Kashmir (Instrumental Version).flac
1d719b1fb73e493173f679fad4106052 *04 In The Light (Alternate Version).flac
5d26349ed569b3c23c931c61892929f8 *05 Swan Song (Instrumental Version One).flac
3646a3e161586e6337eb92ce1d1e14eb *06 Swan Song (Instrumental Version Two).flac
c0421452f14249e4cc6eff5113fd5775 *07 Boogie With Stu (Alternate Mix).flac
090d5c3766ea8ac328530a82e78c60a0 *08 Night Flight (Mix Down Session).flac
604961bc6a702fafa22b0db44a846ea5 *09 Trampled Underfoot (Alternate Mix).flac
2dc6c813ecfd8923f213278537617e1a *10 Trampled Underfoot (Double Vocal Mix Long Version).flac
8ffbcd0e8e46859afba1ea546d6b2a41 *11 Wanton Song (Alternate Mix).flac
5098a6c26f74fd2c39b8c676c739f718 *12 Wanton Song (Chicago FM Radio Mix).flac
ef66f8b9de6a0d61a13c12e2e1587c40 *Disc 2 01 Wanton Song (Takes 1-2).flac
953b7c68ede855002b052509def18853 *Disc 2 02 Take Me Home (Takes 1-2).flac
164c18e536a5ad34d3972e076bd7c14f *Disc 2 03 In The Morning (aka In The Light Take 1).flac
090b365d0f8d3695d99d4dae952d2329 *Disc 2 04 Trampled Underfoot (Takes 1-6).flac
bb4c6927ad4ac7c2104562ba6a8a1e40 *Disc 2 05 In The Morning (aka In The Light Take 2).flac
87fa8815734a44d14450cd1914121c62 *Disc 2 06 Sick Again.flac
0d608247b1b946857930a1c9163145df *Disc 2 07 The Rover (acoustic & vocal).flac
32eccc2745a3c2e52dfc5de1084db320 *Disc 2 08 Jam.flac
64853b64a9e8d11a35e993eb53a488ae *Disc 2 09 In My Time Of Dying.flac

Most of this material has been released on other bootlegs & compilations. The previously unreleased song here is the long version of Trampled Underfoot. The Gem here is - In the Light.

Enjoy the greats Rock and Roll band EVER!
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02.26.10, 07:56 PM

Nice up, Fred. I have the "Studio Sessions Ultimate" (Scorpio) set, but this is a nicely-packaged collection ... cannot resist. My fave Zep LP. Thanks for noting the previously-unreleased material here, too. You're right.

Thanks very much, FredZep!
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