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Some Super New Shows coming. - 08.19.08, 03:04 AM

List Of Bootleg Shows Pro shot and The Odd good Audio Shot… August Update 18th
Artist Title
AC / DC Collection of Rarities From the Vault 1974 to 1980 Pro shot A
AC / DC Live Toronto Canda With RUSH 2003 Pro Shot A+
AC / DC Ride On Paris Stade De France (also Guitar Show Special) Pro Shot A
AC / DC Highway toHell Live Pro Dhot A+
AC / DC Liveatthe Hippodrone 1977 Pro Shot A+
AC / DC Live 19777 Pro Shot A
AC / DC The Bon Scott Years Pro Shot A+
AC / DC Live Largo 1981 & Live Detroit 1983 Pro Shot A-
AC / DC Let There beRock Live Pro Shot A
AC / DC Rock in Rio 1985 Pro Shot A
AC / DC Ulitimate Bon Scott Collection 1976 - 1980 Pro Shot A+
AC / DC Early Days (Bon Scott) 2 Disc Pro Shot A
AC / DC VH1 Uncut Livein the Studio Pro Shot A+
AC DC Landover Capital ,Centre MD USA (2 Disc) PRO B+
ACE FREHLEY(Kiss) Live at Nokia Theatre NY 2008 Aud A
Alterbridge Greenfield Festival 2005 Pro Shot A+
Angels Melbourne 1980 La Trobe Uni 80 Pro Shot B+
Bad Company Live Hard rock café Pro Shot A
Badlands Dag The Giblets Pro Shot a
Badlands MT View Pro
Billy Idol Rock n Ring 2006 Pro Shot A+
Black Sabbath Rockwave Festival Terra Vibe , Malakasa Greece Pro Shot A
Black Sabbath Live Download Festival With Ozzy 2005 Pro Shot A
Black Sabbath Live in Paris 1970 Pro Shot B+
Black Sabbath Live In Santa Monica , Ca 1975 Pro Shot A
Black Sabbath With Rob Halford Live In Camden New Jersey 2004 Pro Shot A
Bon Jovi Live in Chile 1990 Pro Shot A
Bon Jovi Bounce Tour Limited Edition Pro Shot A
Bon Jovi Live in Melbourne 2001 Pro Shot A
Bon Jovi Live Tokyo Road 85 Pro Shot
Bon Jovi MTV Unplugged 2007 Pro Shot A++ A
Bon Jovi Tokyo Dome Jan 14th 2008 PRO SHOT A+
Bon Jovi Vancouver 1987 Pro Shot A-
Bon Jovi Live In Brazil 1990 Pro Shot A
Bon Jovi Crossroads (Best Of Video Clips)
Bon Jovi Rock In Rio 2008 Pro
Bon Jovi, Ratt,Britney Fox,Kingdom Come Tokyo Super Dome 88 - 89 Proi Shot a
Bonfire Golden Bullets The Best Of 87 - 2001 PRO
BuckCherry Philly Pro
Bullet for my Valitine Live at Rock n Ring 2006 Pro Shot A+
Bullet for my Valitine Rock Am Ring 2008 Pro
Cindarella & Ratt Live Rock never Stops 2005 AUD Shot B
Cinderella Shakes Tokyo 1987 Pro Shot A-
Coverdale / Page Live Osaka ,Japan 1993 & Interviews AUD Shot B
Creed Liveat Woodstock 1999 Pro Shot A+
Damageplan Sommerset AUD A-
Danger Danger Live At Club Citta Kawasaki Japan 1990 Pro Shot A
Danger Danger Live In Tokyo Japan 1991 PRO SHOT
Darkness Live rock In Rio, Lisboa 2006 PRO SHOT
David Lee Roth Live in Camden 2002 Pro Shot A
David Lee Roth Live In Montreal 1986 (Steve Vai) Audience
DavidLee Roth Napalm Up your Ass Complete Video Collection Pro Shot A
Deep Purple Rise Over Japan Live In Tokyo 1975(Tommy Bolin) PRO
Deep Purple 1985 Live In Paris PRO
Def Leppard Live Sheffield 1992 PRO
Def Leppard Hysteria The Def Leppard story PRO
Def Leppard Live In Milan 1994 Pro A-
Def Leppard Live Acoustic 1995 Pro Shot A
Def Leppard Storytellers VH1 PRO
Def Leppard Livein Tokyo 1999 Euphoria Tour Pro Shot A+
Dimmu Borgir Livein CA 2004 Pro-Shot A+
Dio Holland 88,Philadelphia 84,Japan 85 and More PRO
Disturbed Rock Am Ring 2008 Pro
Disturbed Live At Knoxville 2008 Aud A
Dokken Live From Philadelphia 87 PRO
Doro Live At Rockpalast 2004 PRO
Doro Hamburg Germany 1993 PRO
Download Festival 2007 Donnington Park 2 Disc PRO
Dream Theatre Dark Side of the Moon Live Pro Shot A+
E.S.P Live At The Marquee 2006 PRO
Enuff Z Nuff Stick It And See 2003 2 Disc PRO
EPICA We Will Take You With US PRO
Epica Live In Germany 2007 Pro
Europe Live in England Sweden And America PRO
Europe Live in Chile 1990 Pro Shot A
Evanescence Live at Pink Pop 2007 Po
Evanescence Rock In Rio Lisboa 2004 & Hard Rock Live Pro
Evernesance Live Rock N Ring 2007 Pro Shot A+
Evernesance Live & Intimate In Australia 2007 Pro Shot A+
Evernesance Live in Chil]e 2007 Pro Shot A*
Evernesance Live at the Zepp Club Japan 2007 Pro Shot A+
Evernesance Live in Paris 2004 Pro Shot A+
Evernesance Liveat Rock nRing 2003 Pro Shot A+
Faith No More Pheonix Festival 1997 & Horden Pavillion Sydney 1997 PRO
Firehouse Rock the Road Pro Shot A+
FM Acoustic PRO
Foreigner Rock Pop In Concert Dortmund 1981 PRO
Foreigner Live At Deer Creek 1995 Pro NEW
Foreigner Live In Mexico Mr Moonlight Tour 1995 PRO NEW
Foreigner Live In Montrewx Jaz Festival 2007 PRO NEW
Foreigner Super Rock Japan 85 PRO
Gary Moore Live 82 - 84 Various Pro NEW
Gene Simmons Family Jewels First Season 2 Disc PRO
Gene Simmons Family Jewels Second Season 3 Disc Pro
Gene Simmons Rock School First Season 2 Disc Pro
Gene Simmons Rock School Second Season 2 Disc Pro
George Michael Behind The Music Pro
Giant Live Pro
Gotthard Garage Live 2005 Pro Shot A
Gotthard Dial Hard Live 1994 Stuttgart & Munich Pro Shot A+
Gotthard Live In Lugane The Millenium Concert 1999 Pro Shot A+
Gotthard Live AVO Sessions 2007 PRO
Gotthard More than Live Pro-Shot a+
Gotthard Alabama, Germany 1992 PRO
Gotthard Live in Bern Switzerland 2005 Pro Shot A+
GreatWhite Liveat theRitz 1988 Pro-Shot A
Guns & Roses Rock In Rio 2001 2 Disc PRO
Guns & Roses Unplugged G B G B's 87 Pro
Guns & Roses St Louis 1991 Welcome To The Riot Show Pro
Guns & Roses Deer Creek Pro
Guns N Roses Live In Paris 1992 PRO
Guns N Roses The Final Illusion Argentina 1993(Last with Slash and co) PRO
Guns n Roses Livein Chile 1992 Pro Shot A+
Guns N Roses Live In Chicago 1992 PRO
Guns N Roses Live In Rio 1992 PRO
Guns N Roses Live at the Ritz 1988 Pro Shot A
Guns N Roses Live at Rock n Ring 2006 Pro Shot A+
Harem Scarem Video Hits & More
Heart Concert for the Americans 1982 Pro Shot A
Heart Brigade Tour 1990 ProShot A+
Heart Video Anthology Pro Shot A
Heart Dreamboat Annie Live 2007 PRO
Heart Hearts & Friends Decades Rock Live 2006 Pro Shot A+
Heaven & Hell Melbourne 2007 Audi B+
Heaven & Hell Vancouver 2007 Canada (2 Disc) AUD A
Helloween Live At Grass Pop Festival 2006 Pro
Helloween Live In Brazil 1999 PRO
HIM Rock Am Ring 2005 PRO
HIM Live at Rock n Ring 2001 & Taubertal Fes 2003 Pro Shot A+
Hughes Turner Project Live In Italy 2004 Audi A
Hughes Turner Project Live In Russia Pro
Ice Earth Something Wicked In Detroit 99 PRO
Iron Maiden Fera of the Castle Donnington live 1992 2DVDs Pro Shot A+
Iron Maiden Raising Hell Pinewood Studio's London 93 PRO
Iron Maiden Live in England 1988 Pro Shot A
Iron Maiden Live Rock n Ring 2005 Pro Shot A+
Iron Maiden Live in Sweden 2005 Pro Shot A++
Iron Maiden The Albatross Follos On Live In Port Alegre Brazil 2008 PRO
Iron Maiden Live at The Download Festiveal 2007 PRO
Joan Jett & Blackhearts Here To Stay - Live In Germany 82 & MTV New Years Eve 84/85
Joe Lynn Turner Jam At Orange Club Russia Pro
John Sykes Live At The Galaxy Theater,California 1995 PRO
Journey De Vina Del Mar Festival Chile 2008 PRO
Judas Priest Live In Chile 2005 (2 Disc) Pro
Kingdom Come Live in Switzerland 1993 Pro A-
Kiss 1979 Media Collection PRO
Kiss Howard Sttern Show Ace Frehley PRO
Kiss Alive Detroit 1976 PRO
Kiss Alive In Japan 2003 Aud A
Kiss Alive World Wide 96/97(Tiger Stadium96,Press Conferencess 96,Outakes Mtv & More)
Kiss Animalize PRO
Kiss Argentina Monsters Of Rock 1994 PRO
Kiss ATLANTIC City 2004 AUD A-
Kiss Beyond The Make up PRO
Kiss Beneath The Makeup PRO
Kiss Brazil Monsters Of Rock 1994 PRO
Kiss Chile Monsters Of Rock 1994 PRO
Kiss Classic Headline Act PRO
Kiss Creatres Of The Night 20th Anniversary Collection 2 Disc PRO & Aud
Kiss Cleveland Asylum 85 AUD A- NEW
Kiss Cobo Hall 1977 PRO NEW
Kiss Cobo Hall Jan 1976 PRO
Kiss Countdown Special 80 PRO
Kiss Dallas 2004 AUD A-
Kiss Destroys Aneheim 76 PRO
Kiss Detroit Double Feature PRO
Kiss Dressed For Cobo 76 Detroit MI PRO
Kiss Enmore Theatre Show 2004 AUD A-
Kiss Farwell Tour 2000,October 7th PRO
Kiss Gothenburg March 5th 1999 AUD A-
Kiss Firehouse Live PRO
Kiss Hanging Out With Gene & Paul Kissology 1 Special PRO
Kiss Helloween Special PRO
Kiss Kissology 2 Sepecial PRO
Kiss Kissology Vol 1 Bonus Discs 3 DISC PRO
Kiss Kissology Vol 2 Bonus Discs 3 Disc PRO
Kiss Kissology Vol 3 Bonus Discs 3 Disc Pro
Kiss Largo 77 PRO
Kiss Last Fawell Live 2000 Pro Shot B
Kiss Live argentina 1998 Pro-Shot A
Kiss Live at Auburn Hills 1992 Pro Shot A
Kiss Live at Monsters of Rock Schweinfurt Germany 1988 Pro Shot A+
Kiss Live at Rock n Ring 1997 Pro Shot B+
Kiss Live In Japan 2003,Nihon Budokan 12th March AUD A-
Kiss Live In Japan 2003,Nihon Budokan 13th March AUD A-
Kiss Live in Las Vegas Pro
Kiss Live In Melbourne 2008 (9 Songs) Melb Grand Prix AUD A-
Kiss Live In Sofia , Bulgaria 2008 AUD A
Kiss Media Collection 1980 PRO
Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park PRO
Kiss Melbourne 2001 Farwell Tour AUD A+
Kiss Melbourne Palais Theartre 2004 AUD A
Kiss Monsters Of Rock Schweinfurt 27/8/88 PRO
Kiss Montreal Canada 83 AUD B+
Kiss MTV Unplugged PRO
Kiss MTV Unplugged AND Uncut Pro Shot A
Kiss New Cat In Town Sydney 2001 2 Disc AUD B+
Kiss New Years Eve Meadowla ds Arena & MTV Awards Brooklyn Bridge 96 PRO
Kiss New York 77 Madisen Square Guardens Pro Shot
Kiss Palace Detroit MI 1992 PRO
Kiss Quebec , Canada 1984 Pro Shot A=
Kiss Rage Special ( Gene & Paul )Video Clips from 73 - 99 Pro Shot A+
Kiss Rising Sun Tour Japan 2006 Pro Shot A
Kiss Rock Am Ring 1997 Pro Shot A+
Kiss Rockin the Corps Pro Shot A
Kiss San Francisco 1974 Pro Shot B
Kiss Summit Setpember 1st Houston PRO NEW
Kiss Summit 1 & 2 PRO
Kiss T V Collection 1981 - 1983 PRO
Kiss The Elder Media Collection PRO
Kiss The Palais Theatre Melbourne 2004 AUD A
Kiss The Roady Tapes (2 Disc) PRO A-
Kiss The Summit Houston 13-8-76 & Largo 30-11-75 not full show) PRO
Kiss The Video Collection 2DVDS PRO
Kiss There's A New Cat In Town , Sydney 2001 AUD A
Kiss Tokyo 77 PRO
Kiss Resurrection Media Collection 96/97 PRO
Kiss The Lost Concert 76 Live In Jersey City ,New Jersdy,Roosevelt Stadium PRO
Kiss Sydney Superdome,7th April 2001 AUD A-
Kiss Chicargo 8mm Footage (Silent) AUD (Real Fans Only)
Kiss Toledo 1986 AUD B +
Kiss Toledo 1997 PRO
Kiss TV Collection 1976-1978 PRO A-
Kiss Ultimate Albums Alive PRO NEW
Kiss When Kiss ruled the World PRO
Korn KROQ Weebue Roast Festival 2007 PRO NEW
Korn Live Brussels Belgium 1997 PRO
Korn Pinkpop Festival 2007 Pro Shot B+
Korn Live in Italy 2005 Pro Shot 2005
Korn Rock n Ring 2006 Pro Shot A+
Krokus Screaming Video Collectio & Live Dortmund 1983 Pro Shot A
L A Guns Live In Philadelphia 88
Lana Lane Story Book Tales From Europe And Japan
Led Zepplin Live O2 Arena London 2007 2 DVD's AUD A-
Led Zepplin Live Aid Pro Shot A
Led Zepplin Live in Seattle 1977 2 DVDs Pro Shot A
Led Zepplin Live at Knebworth 1979 2DVDs Pro Shot B+
Led Zepplin Live at Earls Court 1975 2DVDs Pro Shot B+
Linkin Park Rock AM Ring 2004
Linkin Park Live Earth Tokyo Japan 2007
Linkin Park Weenie Roast Los Angeles 2007 ProShot A+
Lita Ford The Complete Video Collection
Lita Ford Live in Germany 1988 Pro-Shot a+
Live Unplugged Live In Chicago
Loverboy The Video's
Mariylin Manson Syndney Big Day Out 1999 Pro Shot A NEW
Mariylin Manson Hurricane Festival 2007
Mariylin Manson PPV Olympic Aud 2001 Pro Shot A+ NEW
Maximum Rock Tour 2000 Motley Crue,Megadeth,Anthrax
Megadeth Live in London England 1992
Metallica Live at Woodstock 1999 Pro-Shot A
Metallica Live at Hammersmith1988 Pro-Shot A
Metallica Live in Bulgaria 1999 2DVDS Pro Shot A NEW
Metallica Rock n Ring 2006 2DVDs Pro Shot A+
Metallica Live in Baltimore 2000 Pro Shot A+
Metallica 20 Years From Puppets 2 DVDS Pro Shot A+
Metallica Big Day Out Australia 2004 Pro Shot A
Metallica Woodstock 1994 Pro Shot A+
Metallica Woodstock 1998 Pro Shot A+
Metallica Live In Korea 2006 Pro Shot A+
Metallica Korea 1998 Pro Shot A+
Metallica Live in San Diego 1992 Pro Shot A+
Metallica Live in California 2005 Pro Shot A+
Metallica Rock am Ring 2003 Pro Shot A+
Metallica Re Load Rehearse Request
Metallica Live in Germany 1997 Pro Shot A+
Metallica Live in Rio Lisboa 2004 Pro Shot A+
Metallica Live at Woodstock 1999 Pro Shot A+
Metallica Live Seattle Collusium Washington 89 Pro
Metallica Live Germany 1985 Metal Hammer Festival Pro Shot B+
Metallica PinkPop Festival 2008 Pro
Metallica Live in Switzerland 1993 Pro Shot B+
Metallica Rock In Rio 2008 Pro
Metallica Rock Am Ring 2008 Pro
Moscow Music Festival Scorpions,Motley Crue,Ozzy Osborne Scrpions,Cinderella,Bon Jovi
Motley Crue Tacoma 1987 Pro-Shot A
Motley Crue Behind The Music
Motley Crue Melbourne Vodafone Arena 2005 2 Disc AUD
Motley Crue Live Kansas City 4 April 1990 Pro-Shot A
Motley Crue Rock n Ring 2005 Pro Shot A+
Motley Crue US Festival 1983 Pro Shot A+
Motley Crue Miami 2005 (2 Disc) AUD A-
Motorhead Live Rock Am Ring 2004
Motorhead Live Rock Sund Festival 2002 Live Rock Sund Festival 2002 Pro-Shot
My Chemical Romance Live AOL Sessions 2006 Pro Shot A+
My Chemical Romance Live Reading Festival 2006 Pro Shot A+
My Chemical Romance Live MTV 2006 Pro Shot A+
Nickelback Live Rockpalast 2001 Pro Shot A+
Nightranger Seven Wishes Tour Pro
Nightranger Japan In Motion Pro
Nightranger 1982 - 2001
Nightwish Gates Of Metal 2003 Pro Shot A
Nightwish End Of An Era
Nightwish Live in Romania 2004 Pro Shot A+ Pro
Nightwish Live 2008 Australia , Enmore Theartre Sydney Pro Shot
Nightwish Lowlands Festival 2005 Lowlands Festival 2005 Pro Shot A+_
Nirvana Sao Paulo , Brazil 93 PRO
Nirvana Live In Buenos Aires , 1992 PRO
Ozzy Ozbourne Let The Madness Begin Live Philadelphia 1989 & Salt Lake City 1982
Ozzy Ozbourne Speak Of The Devil Live Irvine Medows 1982 Pro
Ozzy Ozbourne The Ultimate Ozzy Pro
Ozzy Ozbourne Ozzfest 2003 Camden NJ ProShot A
Page / Plant Live in Romania1995 Pro Shot A
Page / Plant Live Irvine CA 1995 Pro Shot A+
Page / Plant Live Japan 1996 Pro Shot B+
Pantera Garageheadz TV Tokyo Japan 2000 Pro Shor A
Pantera Live Monsters Of Rock ITALY 92 NEW
Pantera Best Of Video's
Pantera Behind The Music
Pantera Long Island August 1994 NEW
Pantera Cowboys From Korea 2001 Livein Korea 2001 Proshot B NEW
Pantera Live In 1992 Hollywood California June Pro B+
Pantera Coyahogo, OH 96
Pat Benatar Cross Road with Martina Mac Bride Pro
Pat Benatar US Festival 1983 Pro-Shot A
Paul Stanley Altanta Oct 21st 2006 2 Disc
Paul Stanley FT Lauderdale Fl 23/10/06
Paul Stanley Live To Win Tour Melbourne 20th April 2007 Audience
Paul Stanley Live To Win Tour Perth 24th April 2007
Paul Stanley Live To Win Tour Newcastle April 14th 2007
Paul Stanley Live To Win Tour Woolongong 13 April 2007
Pearl Jam Cincinatti 2006
Pearl Jam Mud Fest Canada Pro Shot
Pearl Jam Pink Pop 1991 Pro Shot
Pink Cream 69 One Size Fits all
Pink Floyd Live At Knebworth Festival 1990
Pink Floyd The Omni Atlanta 1987
Pink Floyd Plays The Wall New York 1980
Pink Floyd The Wall live london 1980 Pro Shot A-
Pink Floyd Anthology (3 discs) Pro B+
Poison Classic VH1 Show ProShot A+
Poison Greatest Video Hits Pro Shot A
Poison Fan Private Cocert Ny VH1 ,Celecbrating 20 Years Of rock
Poison Live At the Stabler Arena 1991 2 Disc
Poison Seven Days Live Pro Shot A+
Poison Swallow This Live 1991 Pro Shot A
Poison Live Raw,Uncut 2007 St Louis Pro Shot
Poison MTV Uplugged Pro
Queen Live in Japan Pro Shot A
Queen Live In Japan 1985 NEW
Queensrycne Livein Tokyo 1984 Pro Shot A
Rainbow The Final Cut
Rainbow Right between The Eyes Live
Rainbow Live In Dusseldorf 95
Rainbow Live in Donnington( Graham Bonnett) 1980
Rainbow Live at The Budokahan Pro-Shot A
Rainbow Live At Budokan Tokyo 1983 Pro
Ramstein Cologne Germay 1997 17th Augst
Randy Roads 1978 - 1982
Ratt Pasadena 1983
Ratt BehindtheMusic Pro Shot A
Red Hot Chili Peppers T In Park Balado Scotland 2006
Rick Springfield Hard To Hold NEW
Rock Honors ZZ Top, Genesis , Heart, OZZY Osbourne 2007
Rock Honors Judas Priest, Queen, Def Leppard, Kiss 2006
Rock Pop Festival Dortmund Germany, MSG,Ozzy Osbourne,Krokus, Quiet Riot,Def Leppard,Scorpions
Scorpions Crazy World Tour Live Pro Shot A
Scorpions Lin In Karaiskaki Athens 2005 Pro Shot
Scorpions To Russia With Love ProShot A+
Scorpions Savage World tour 2001 Pro Shot A+
Scorpions Live Sopot Festival 2005 Pro shot A+
Scorpions Super Rock Japan Pro Shot A
Sebastian Bach Udo Festival 2006
Skid Row Live Club Citta Japan 1989 ProShot A
Skid Row Live In Argentina 1996 Pro Shot A-
Skid Row Subhuman Race Tour 1995 Japan Pro Shot A+
Skid Row Live Wembely 1992 Pro Shot A
Skid Row Live In Japan 95 Subhuminal Race Tour
Skyhooks Live Palais Theatre 1976 PRO
Slayer Rock n Ring 2007 Pro Shot A+
Slayer Rock AM Ring 2007
Slayer Live Intrusion 1995 & France Live 2000 Live Intrusion 1995 & France Live 2000 Pro Shot A+
Slipknot Live in Rio 2004 Pro Shot A+
Slipknot Big Day Out 2005 Sydney
Slipknot Live in France 2004 Proshot A+
Slipkot Live Rock n Ring 2005 Pro Shot A+
Status Quo End Of The Road 1984 Pro
Steelheart Still Hard 2 DVD's
Stone Temple Pilots Live House Of Blues 2000 & 1999
Stone Temple Pilots Live Bizarre Festival 2001 Pro Shot A+
Stonesour Live at Rock AM Ring 2006
Stryper Live in Japan 1989 Pro Shot B+
Super Rock 85 ' Best Of Rockers
Supergroup (Ted Nugent,Scott Ian,Sebastian Bach,Jason Bonham) Damnocracy 3 Disc
Survivor Live In Tokyo 1985
System of a Down Big Day Out 2005, 2002 Pink Pop 2002 Pro Shot A+
The Police Live at the Whiskey Club 2007 Pro-ShotA+
The Smashing Pumpkins Budokan Hall Tokyo 2000
The Tube Live Twisted Sister,Tygers Of Pang Tang,Motorhead,Bon Jovi,Judas Priest,Dio,U.F.O,Garry Moore NEW
Thin Lizzy Live at Rockpalast 1981 Pro Shot A+ NEW
Thin Lizzy Behind The Music
Thin Lizzy Live And Dangersous Live At The Rainbow Pro
TNT Forever Shine On 1989
Tool Live At Brixton U.K 02
Tool Prying Open New Jersy 1997
Tool Live In Fresno 2006
Tool Red Light Special 2006 Pro Shot A
Tool Live In Paris 2006 (2 DISC) AUD excellent
TOOL London ASTORIA , 23 FEB 1997 AUD B+
Trivium Rock AM Ring Nurburg Germany 2006 Pro
Tyketto Live L'amoures Brooklyn New York 1993
US Festival Judas Priest,Triumph,Ozzy Osbourne,Van Halen,Scopions
Van Halen Burnin In Buenos Aires Live 1983 + Bonus Footage
Van Halen Live in Venezuela 1983 AUD B+
Van Halen Live Philadelpia USA 2007 AUD A
Van Halen Live Toronto Canada 1995 Pro Shot A
Van Halen HSBC ARENA,NY 2004 AUD A(Very Good,From Screen)
Van Halen Video Outakes & Unreleased Songs 76 - 77 PRO (2 DISC) A
Van Halen Honda Centre ANEHEIM,2007 18/12/07 AUD (2 DISC) A-
Van Halen Live In Largo Capital Centre 1982 Pro
Van Halen Live US Festival 1983 2 Disc Pro A-
Velvet Revolver Rock n Ring 2007 Pro Shot A+
Velvet Revolver Live At Download Festival 2005
Vinnie Vincent Live In Canada
Vixen Live Koln 1991 Pro-Shot A
W.A.S.P The Sting Live At The Key Club L.A

W.A.S.P Live ait Lyceum London 84 Ptro Shot A+
Warrant Live in Japan Cherry Pie Tour
Warrant Live in Lafayette 1991 Pro Shot A+
Warrant Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich Live Pro
W.A.S.P First Blood Last Vision Pro
White Lion Liveat the ritz 1988 Pro Shot A
White Zombie Live Kohl Festival 1996 & Clips Pro Shot A+
White Zombie Live in 1993 The Maquee , Norwalk CT Pro Shot A
White Zombie Hollywood Rock Fest Rio De Janiero Brazil 1996 Pro
Whitesnake Rock Pop In Concert Germany 83 Pro
Whitesnake Live In Milan 1994 Pro
Whitesnake The Unofficial Video Collection Twenty Five Years Of History 1977 - 2002
Whitesnake Monsters Of Rock Buenos Aires Argentina 97 Pro
Whitesnake Starkers in Tokyo Pro Shot A+
Whitesnake Live Super Rock Japan 1984 Pro Shot A
Whitesnake White Night In Russia Pro
Whitesnake Live St. Petersberg 1994 Pro Shot A+
Whitesnake Live In Melbourne 2008 AUD A-
WHITESNAKE THE VIDEO Collection 10 Clips Pro Shot a
Whitesnake London 1987 AUD A
Whitesnake New York Albani 1990(With Steve Vai) Aud B+
Winger Live Detroit 1990 Pro Shot a
Winger Live Galaxy Theatre 2007
Winger Live Japan 1991 Pro Shot A
Winger Video Collection Pro Shot A+
Wings Live In Melbourne 1975
Within Temptation Live PinkPop Festival 2007 Pro-ShotA+
Within Temptation Live in Tokyo 2007 Pro Shot A+
Within Temptation The Silent Force Tour 2 DVDs Pro Shot A++
Within Temptation The Video Collection Pro Shot A++
Within Temptation Eurosonic Festival 2004 Pro Shot A+
Within Temptation Live In Madrid Spain 2005
Within Temptation Live In Seinajoki , Finland 2006 Pro Shot A+
Within Temptation Live In Spain 2003 Pro Shot A+
Within Temptation Rock n Ring 2005 Pro Shot A+
Within Temptation Werehter Festival 2005 Pro Shot A+
Within Temptation Mother Earth Tour 2 Disc Pro Shot A++
Within Temptation Live In Netherlands 02/10/03 Pro
Wolfmother Live at Pink Pop 2007 Pro
ZZ Top Live At Rockpalast 1990 PRO

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