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10.03.15, 03:16 PM

Originally Posted by hitman horton View Post
You don't need a mod to confirm this. The rules are that NO commercially available content is to be uploaded. Many bands have commercially released their videos. It's up to you as the uploader to do the research. It doesn't have to be commercially available now. If it has EVER been commercially available then it's not allowed here.
MTV was a free to air channel from 1986 - 1998 aka public channel and as long as the logo
MTV is attached it has no legal conflict with copyright. As long as the video is not taken
from the official release itself with no watermark. The videos aired by MTV has been fully paid for to the artists and managment. I dont see a wrongmaking here. If you say everything has a copyright all torents has to be pulled. Every torrent here has copyright material. Even if it's performed live. All we have left is interviews. If the Mods want to pull the torrents so it be but then you need to take all down.