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12.20.04, 07:11 AM

Coz -

Those 1978 shows don't circulate. But the Roth-era tours after the 78 tour all had at least one Detroit show recorded:

5-1-79 Masonic Auditorium, Detroit
4-27-80 Cobo Hall, Detroit (unlistenable tape, but the show was recorded!)
7-4-81 Cobo Hall, Detroit 80m (middle of 3 shows; fireworks galore and a great performance)
8-13-82 Cobo Hall, Detroit 115m
8-14-82 Cobo Hall, Detroit 115m
4-5-84 Cobo Hall, Detroit 110m
4-6-84 Cobo Hall, Detroit 110m

You are a lucky man to have seen them twice in 1978!


Originally Posted by cozmikdebris
Is there a link to all the gigs Van Halen did, and/or a list of known tapes circulating? I'm just curious if any of the shows I was at got recorded (Mar 10, 1978 opening for Journey at Masonic Aud. in Detroit, and Cobo Arena Sept 14, 1978 when they blew Sabbath off the stage). Apologies if this has been asked before.
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