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03.28.18, 02:58 PM

Don't put this on us! The mods are just as guilty as the illegal uploaders. I've reported shows to mods and was completely ignored. Shows not pulled and no response to pm's. They were online too because I checked who was online in the last 24 hours to help determine who to pm the offense.

The only solution is a report button that is answered because the mods are not doing their job. If they can't handle it they should step down. You would be a perfect candidate for the job. They need to start banning the repeat offenders too. There is absolutely no excuse for a Bryan Adams show to be on the tracker for 5 days and not get pulled.

Unless Brett makes some major changes, this site won't make it to 2019. Without net neutrality in the US, ISP's are going to start targeting a site like this that is allowing illegal content. You probably don't have to worry about that in Canada or the illegal uploaders that are mostly from foreign countries with different laws. ESL. Probably can't read the rules because most of the stuff uploaded now is just recycled stuff from other trackers that allow it. All they do is copy and paste and get the upload credit. Very little original content. Who else besides Mike Furry actually uploads something new to JTT?

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