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10.01.17, 05:25 AM

Originally Posted by eiricd View Post
I have the same problem.
"unregistered torrent pass" is my error message, when I make this the tracker url

any help please??
The Policy

You must maintain a sharing ratio in the range defined by the following chart, based on how much you have downloaded from the site:

25 GB downloaded - Must maintain a minimum 0.50 sharing ratio.
50 GB downloaded - Must maintain a minimum 0.60 sharing ratio.
75 GB downloaded - Must maintain a minimum 0.70 sharing ratio.
100 GB downloaded - Must maintain a minimum 0.80 sharing ratio.

Your ratio has exceeded the forum rules. You can not download for the moment until you solve your ratio.
There are two possibilities to solve your ratio:
- Make a Donation to the forum, and your ratio will raise it.
- And the simplest, is to share DVD or Blue Ray in Jam To This to try to get your ratio meets the forum rules. Not only do you have to download for a forum to work you have to share.
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