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badbonz69 12.19.16 12:23 AM

Arcade 1995-05-20 Minneapolis, MN DVD
For some reason I never transferred this from VHS to DVD. When I was looking for a Godsmack show, I dropped this VHS on the floor. For those that don't know, Arcade was Stephen Pearcy's (Ratt) band.

ReaLDeaL 12.19.16 03:59 AM

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I'm a fan of them... I had 5 shows before the hard drive crashes and I lost them all... I've reacquired 3:
Arcade - 1993-05-31 - Osaka Palace, Osaka, Japan
Arcade - 1993-07-17 - Toronto, Canada
Arcade - 1994-11-27 - First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
Actually that's not the same Minneapolis show that I had before... had one from 93... but a different one entirely... But unfortunately that's not one of em sorry. I will ask a friend though as he's a fan as well and just got back online. I checked the list that I have for you and didn't see that one listed so I've taken some screen shots so you can check it out... I enjoyed the War Pigs cover on that one myself. :rock:

Edit: PS My friend is sending me that 1995 Minneapolis show. So once I have it... I'll shoot it your way. :thumb:

badbonz69 12.19.16 05:20 AM

No I do not have that 1994 Minneapolis show. I didn't even know it existed. I could be wrong, but I don't think I even saw that one on Ratt Trader's list.

I have that 1993 Minneapolis show but don't have a date and the audio is mono. Pearcy was selling it that way on his site back in the day.

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