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TEXASKNIGHT 01.08.18 09:18 AM

Rush - Birmingham UK April 23 1988
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Show or Bootleg Title:
Birmingham UK April 23 1988

Show Venue:
National Exhibition Centre

Audio - Soundboard

Audio Quality/Production Info:

1st gen from remaster

File Format:

Set List/Chapters:

Checksums or Fingerprints:
d022c92427983424be8693261ea523fb *01 Three Stooges Intro.flac
cf783bfd1c55d4659e5da2f7108bc00b *02 The Big Money.flac
dbb354d50e093d2d83a38dcc0d16f6eb *03 Subdivisions.flac
0fb5fd3181aa2514852a3a8dcf4f1d5f *04 Marathon.flac
86df23f1ec4213d6305abd2ee4aae5da *05 Turn The Page.flac
f57325aeb37594ce7396e26ca8ca7541 *06 Prime Mover.flac
bd2096a039b28973931514c028ef7df2 *07 Manhattan Project.flac
9673340a7497a988fb9e98fd9eca9fe8 *08 Closer To The Heart.flac
17310fe4fca6157e8526a1e410e319e4 *09 Red Sector A.flac
ba21d7120ae463243cd4d205df2082ef *10 Force Ten.flac
a1f3ec79b1340efcf29df73216f05730 *11 Time Stand Still.flac
ac1b8a1ce2a0681eb80877c7d9afe027 *12 Distant Early Warning.flac
b8f98ecce97622929e8b0b9e5447c465 *13.flac
d19e2fa69ed7df52e14cfc846fab34f9 *14.flac
89c0c374179dd5d7d284b3a3f9a025a0 *15.flac
6f1b289f68c5f532b8b8603729bf66d0 *16.flac
b6dca674750e0ec1de2d7c6478808cc5 *17.flac
645a70ec6bff5c469e6a77e07804fdce *18.flac
4a90781095d50627021424e97bffbb90 *19.flac
95ec1e0d8a0e47625ce3a24902a68528 *20.flac
c918f0a028a3ec2eaa8e2ef822c677ea *21.flac
317bbada5cf217afd386fc8d4e415b08 *22.flac

Info and artwork for this show can be found here
1st generation from remastered edition of this show

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