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seversky96 12.18.16 09:25 AM

ISO: MTV Day Bologna 2003-09-14 DVD
Hi there,
I came across a torrent on Dimeadozen.org with the full TV show of MTV Day Bologna 2003-09-14 in a 50i DVD format. The torrent filename is:

VV.AA. - Mtv Day 2003 (part 3 of 3), Bologna, Italy, 2003-09-14 PRO-SHOT

Unfortunately, I don't have any further info on who uploaded the torrent, etc.

I suppose this had been uploaded for a certain person as a form of a trade, because the torrent vanished from there like a week after. There is a Nickelback performance that I'm looking for in this great 50fps format.

Is there any chance that any of you guys is an owner of this DVD?
Thanks in advance!


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