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bigmuck 02.20.17 12:22 PM

Headbangers Ball or other Metal TV Shows
Hey guys,

Looking for any rips of Headbangers ball (UK, Japan or US) episodes or any other Metal show such as VH1 Rock Show, Uranium, Superrock, Metal Hammer UK etc. There are some old torrents already on here however, I have all the episodes currently still being seeded as they've been spread around at times on other sites throughout the years.

Cheers :)

badbonz69 02.22.17 07:47 AM

If the shows contain music videos that have been officially released then they can't be uploaded on this site. The mods kind of disappeared for awhile and a couple Headbanger's Ball DVD's slipped through the cracks that should have been pulled. I think the mods are doing a better job now. You'll either have to buy the official releases or go to an illegal site.

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