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01.08.05, 12:59 AM
I know that this has been on the board before but I just grabbed it off of easy tree (upped by "johnnygyno") and thought that I would put it up for any of you who missed the first time like I did.

Artist: Van Halen
Venue: Gazzari's Club
City/State/Country: W. Hollywood, CA, USA
Date: Feb. 1974, sometime in 1975

Source: Soundboard, VG+
Lineage: ???>CDR(?)>EAC(secure/offset)>WAV>FLAC


1. Chevrolet (ZZ Top) 3:43
2. Maybe I'm A Leo (Deep Purple) 2:42
3. We All Had A Real Good Time (Edgar Winter) 3:25
4. Walk Away (James Gang) 4:40
5. Can't Get Enough (Bad Company) 4:05
6. If You Can't Rock Me (Rolling Stones) 3:17
7. Might Just Take Your Life (Deep Purple) 3:44
8. Make It Last (Montrose) 5:50
9. Sweet Emotion (Aerosmith) 6:42
10. Twist And Shout (Isley Brothers) 2:50
11. The Grind (Tommy Bolin) 3:43
12. Tush (ZZ Top) 2:42
13. Trampled Under Foot (Led Zeppelin) 7:28
14. Stone Cold Sober (Rod Stewart) 2:01
15. Jean Genie (David Bowie) 1:52
16. Keep Playin' that Rock 'N' Roll (Edgar Winter) 1:36
17. Get Down Tonight (KC and the Sunshine Band) 2:25
18. Walk This Way (Aerosmith) 1:20

Total Time - 64:15


Tracks 1 through 8 are from early 1974. Tracks 9 through 18 are from sometime in 1975.

01.08.05, 04:32 AM
Hey, thanks very much for this. I missed it as well, and am looking forward to grabbing a copy. Much appreciated.


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01.14.05, 10:25 AM
Thanks for the torrent. I've been looking to get this, but I wanna ask, is this the best quality version in circulation? I seem to recall Lou stating that he got a big upgrade.

01.14.05, 12:00 PM
To be honest I really don't know if there is a better version than this one. This is the only one that I have. "Gazaaris 1974" is supposed to be the same as the first 8 songs on this one but is a higher gen. This info came from Lou and Atomic punk seems to agree.


01.21.05, 06:38 PM
Can someone reseed this one? I'm downloading 224B/s..and have 20 days left to complete the download...lol.

I'm dyin' over here :-P