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Van Halen - Floor'em at the Forum

Media: 2 CDr (2 CDr SHN)
Time: 58:27, 56:39
Catalog: Digital Reproductions DR CD-02782-2
Source: Source 1: Audience (1st gen analog)
Source 2: Audience (1st gen digital-8)
Date: 10-27-1982
Location: The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Track Listing

CD One:

01. Radio Anouncement 1:02
02. Romeo Delight 4:30
03. Unchained 3:38
04. Drum Solo 3:05
05. The Full Bug 3:40
06. Runnin' with the Devil 5:29
07. Jamie's Cryin' 3:35
08. Little Guitars 4:39
09. Where Have All the Good Times Gone 3:18
10. Bass Solo 4:15
11. Hang'em High 3:20
12. Cathedral 1:25
13. Secrets 3:15
14. Drum Intro 2:13
15. Everybody Wants Some!! 10:55

CD Two:

01. Dance the Night Away 3:20
02. Somebody Get Me a Doctor (w/ I'm So Glad) 9:02
03. Ice Cream Man 8:48
04. Intruder 2:13
05. (Oh) Pretty Woman 3:05
06. Guitar Solo 11:17
07. Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 6:57
08. Bottoms Up! 4:45
09. You Really Got Me (w/ Happy Trails) 7:09

Comments and Reviews:

The Digital Dan (VG+/EX-):

There are two different versions of this show being released, one is the CD version and the other is the DVD version. The main difference is that the CD version is the complete show from beginning to end. The analog 1st gen source was sourced from a Sony TCD5M with Sennheiser MD441 mics master cassette to 1st gen cassette and then to CDr. There were some missing sections on this source including the end of "Romeo Delight", the end of "Little Guitars" and a small segment in the middle of the "Guitar Solo". Each of these bits were filled in by the mono video soundtrack from a BetaMax master to Super VHS to Digital-8 source. Since the analog audio is in stereo and the video was in mono, there is a noticable sound difference when the analog audio was filled in with the video soundtrack.

The sound quality of the analog audio source improves as the show runs, it starts out as VG+ and gets progressively better by the middle of the show. It is very clean with virtually no tape hiss (no hiss or noise reduction was used). The source was very tinny sounding with little bass, this was fixed during the remastering process and the resulting sound is much better. The show is complete from start to finish and a lot of fun to listen to. There is also a DVD version of this show available. Many thanks to the CBG for the video source and photos and to Greg for the audio source used in this production. As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is for free trade or blank media trade only. Please do not buy, sell or distribute for profit. Help keep the spirit of trading alive.

Master CD SHN MD5 Checksum values:

3ea4d4c65bcb12451da15b769093d468 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_101.shn
b4aea0aa2b21189820790f968c3123ff *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_102.shn
7c0a912ae347ecb946e0cd55d902976c *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_103.shn
af1acfa1ee1a31ef290eb8079ce62601 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_104.shn
2eedefddac066488f4c7119bb9cd12b4 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_105.shn
459e5500a233f54cb901d6fcbdc23527 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_106.shn
35abf78d0ba0f1c8ed0e79bee4bcac49 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_107.shn
e37f72477c87c6c82dc756b29ca07097 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_108.shn
13a9d73e45eaae92c46fdd2e8cd24cc7 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_109.shn
bfa531aa2a144c18e47e8e55281d7962 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_110.shn
33170ce38b974da63110a34031db95d6 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_111.shn
0faaf2a6db49471f94cfae295e4ebe92 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_112.shn
894675e704feced86f343be902528489 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_113.shn
6a3d605618ec485b0d7cf8654e91da18 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_114.shn
b93f3335c7ea324618f63894a432198a *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_115.shn
e8344e11bb41460aa17830d076558b20 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_201.shn
a617e68e4c5a46e8286309d4fb63a89b *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_202.shn
bfc4b2bf714ae6b5422a34766e26ae33 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_203.shn
f7eda8a83ca7121910a0ec5b31618223 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_204.shn
f8fe3ffa4149bea22eed976c028d6de2 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_205.shn
78bca1e56c2ee6da30108c119430c1ac *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_206.shn
d7bf191731841d268088a5995af6f349 *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_207.shn
673feb6cef23eaf254b4b73d9824664e *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_208.shn
70d58554856d77e96819e58d302dfb3e *VH_1982-10-27_FatF_209.shn

Artwork is included.

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FYI: I can only leave this open until tomorrow morning, so jump on it now if you want it!

Ron, no problem on this. I'm grabbing this on my work computer before I leave for vacation in a few minutes. I should have this finished downloading this evening and barring a computer crash (God forbid) should be seeding until Jan 2nd - so no worries.


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