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12.16.04, 05:09 AM
I love The balance era and I know that this dvd is full of movies. Is it possible to repost it?

12.17.04, 05:41 AM
First of all this should be in the reseed requests forum so I'm going to move it there..

It looks like someone is seeding right now. Let us know when you finish the download..

12.17.04, 08:50 AM
Well--that is my fault that you could not move the post I guess---I saw a leach sitting there waiting for a seeder to finish the Canadian Tapes so I fired up my files ---it will stay on untill finished unless you want me to stop it so you can move something---if so--throw me a note --else I will just leave it going untill finished--love what you guys do here on this site!--thanks--Hawk

12.17.04, 10:39 AM
No no, please seed..
I didn't mean that the show was in the wrong forum. I was talking about this thread. But as you can see it's in the right place now.. Sorry if I got you confused..

12.23.04, 06:21 AM
Ok, this thing has been solidly seeded for a week now, and I'm not seeing any leechers or conversation in the thread... I'm going to assume that everyone who wanted this has gotten it and close this RR down.