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11.28.04, 02:18 PM
Here's something new!!! I found this doing a search for Halen on bt.easytree. The origional seeder thought it was Eddie with the Babys. Apparently, the tracks 9-11 (the one's with Ed) are from the Hollywood Palladium in November of 84. Ed gets intro'd to the crowd at the 6:50 mark of track 1 with what is the intro to "Jump", then plays on track 2 and 3. I'm assuming he does not play on track 1 - I could be wrong. Not much else to help us with other than what's in the thread.


Anyway, maybe someone else can find more info about it.

11.28.04, 08:23 PM
is it working for anyone? it keeps failing for me.... hmm. :mad:

11.29.04, 02:16 AM
I'll give it a go, then ... thank you for posting, jmiahp (cryptic moniker, there).

11.29.04, 05:45 AM
is it working for anyone? it keeps failing for me.... hmm. :mad:

It seems to be working..... It has worked for about 4 or 5 people so far. Let us know if you're still having problems.

11.29.04, 06:51 AM
well it tried it again, and got nothing, but then i tried to download the torrent file first and load it from the torrent file on my machine instead of on the site and it worked that way. just wouldn't load if i tried to load it from the site. weird.


11.29.04, 10:58 AM
Hey--This is great!--You may not know The Babys---but I do!--I saw them several times way back when (kinda showing my age here)--they rocked very hard in concert--had several hit songs---Thanks--Hawk

11.29.04, 12:30 PM
yep. more an excuse to PARTY and hang with his secret-heartthrob than anything else, EVH played a couple shows with Patty Smyth & Scandal back in Fall '84 (Ed & Val somehow became pals with Patty, before she married Richard Hell), and ended-up jamming with their tourmate (former Baby-leader) John Waite and his band (featuring guitar-hotshot Earl Slick) one nite, too.

EVH played on two songs with Scandal, Ed's fave "Maybe We Went Too Far" and "River Deep, Mountain High". Both shows have floated around boot-circles for years on cassette.

btw, Ed's playing is nothing special on any of the performances; musta been the haircut...

(pic + info here: http://www.netwaite.com/solo11-84.htm)