View Full Version : VH-MTV Spring Break Rocks

11.22.04, 01:43 PM
Would love to have this show, regardless of audio format..its the show where John Stewart was hosting...would also like to have the video of this as well...if anyone has either of these formats, please post!! Thanks!

11.26.04, 08:05 AM
The only MTV footage i have is Van Halen Unleashed MTV 1986
Its a 54min special they did on them with LWAN footage, interviews, videos..etc. They also cover the DLR scandal quite well. The special was done for the fans for there new album release "5150"..One of my all time fav's :)

Its good quality, i can seed it one day if some of you want it. :)

11.28.04, 12:24 AM
Hey sooner5150,

I've actually got a good copy of this on VHS, have been meaning to get it captured and onto DVD, just haven't got round to it cos I don't have the kit to do the capture.

If you're not in a hurry I can get on with getting this done kinda soonish.

Would be good to give something back considering the amount of material I've leeched (and shared) from this excellent site !


11.28.04, 06:13 AM
sweet man! that would be kick ass!! thanks!!

12.01.04, 06:16 PM
Hey Sooner,
That on the DVD Compilation disk 5. Looks like you already have it.