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11.10.04, 10:19 AM
Hello all!

As you can see I am new here, but wanted to take a minute and say hello and see what we can do about getting to know a little about each other.

So, on that track, tell me a little about yourselves and your interests regarding the forums topics :)

Talk to you more later :)

11.10.04, 10:34 AM
Welcome... Great to have you!! :) Make yourself at home... There are lots of cool people here, and lots of good tunes too!

I do, however, feel this is probably a thread more suited for Open Topic, rather than Requests :D Allow me... :)

11.10.04, 11:10 AM
Richard, great to have ya aboard. Welcome!

EVH5150, thanks for the reorganization bro. :thumb:

11.10.04, 05:10 PM
Welcome Richard! I am new here also. One thing I have learned is that this site rocks!! The most important thing I have learned though is read the rules page. It will help make sure you dont make stupid mistakes like I did. :scratch:

11.10.04, 08:39 PM
Welcome!! :thumb: :thumb:

11.12.04, 05:29 AM
Hey mdkmadman, nice avatar. Is that Kermit? :D :D :D

11.12.04, 07:47 AM
Why yes it is my friend. :yay: