View Full Version : Announcement Regarding Requests & Reseeds

11.04.04, 06:07 AM
Everyone, it would be great if we could start using the "Fulfilled Requests" thread that's stickied to the top of this forum. We are getting more and more torrents on this board, and more members as well. This is translating into more requests & reseed requests. Atomic_Punk and Myself are perfectly capable of browsing through every thread in these two forums and comparing them with the torrents posted on the site to determine which threads can be closed... but it would be SO MUCH easier for us if those who post shows and reseed could shoot us a heads-up in the fulfilled requests thread.

If you like, you could, alternatively, make a post in the show's request thread... either way, just let us know that it has been posted or reseeded. It only takes a second to let us know, but it will REALLY save us a lot of time...especially as this site grows... there are already more threads in the requests forum than anywhere else on the board. Plus, you get a free post on your count as an added bonus :D

Thanks everyone :thumb: