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02.09.06, 04:01 AM
I posted this on dime:


I'll just post it there since last time I tried it here, I couldn't get it to work propperly... But I suppose you all have a dime account anyway...

Last time I said I would transfer 'LA 5-13-84'. But the speed on my cassette is totally wrong and thanks to some of your comments I found out that there are better sources circulating so I won't transfer/ seed that.... This one goes instead...


Van Halen
december 31. 1977
Whiskey A Go-Go
Hollywood, CA

unknown gen. cassette > AIFF > soundstudio > SHN

MD5 checksum included in download. I'm not sure if this is an audience or an sbd recording. Sounds pretty good though...

1st set !

01) On Fire
02) I'm The One
03) Here's Just What You Wanted
04) Show No Mercy
05) Eruption
06) D.O.A.
07) ??...
08) Bullet Head/ Drum Solo (Drum Solo fades is cut just before the end)
09) You Really Got Me

02.09.06, 05:24 AM
How does this compare to this one?

02.09.06, 07:20 AM

Is this a new tape transfer? Is this a longer tape then what Lou transfered(See Ron's post above) over at DDLR? It appears there are 3 extra songs, Bullet/Drum/YRGM.

Or is this from a cdr bootleg?

Maybe Lou can chime in also.

It looks like the 3 extra songs are also on several boot LPs???

02.09.06, 07:51 AM
Same tape & same show, I just transferred it this afternoon, but I don't know the generation of the cassette, must have traded it somewhere in 1993-1995. I haven't downloaded the version Lou put up at DDLR, so I don't know how it compares to that.... I did indeed just recently see his post and remembered that I had the show on cassette as well, with the extra songs, that's why I transfered it...

It indeed looks like those songs were also on several boot LP's

02.09.06, 08:26 AM
Tracks 7-9 are really part of the second set.

The tape I transferred was acquired by the person who lent it to me in 1984.

02.09.06, 03:02 PM
The tape I transferred was acquired by the person who lent it to me in 1984.
And it took you 22 years to get around to transferring it? :D

02.10.06, 03:37 AM
He must've meant 1994 cause in 1984 Lou was 3 years old.. Cause you are born in 1981, right Lou?