View Full Version : VH - St. Louis & Kansas City REseeding

11.01.04, 03:43 PM
I went to the St. Louis show, and Id really love to get these vids, but it seems no-one seeds them very long, and it goes really really slow.
Could we get some people together and get em out there??

11.01.04, 04:09 PM
I've already got St. Louis reseeding... started it today around 4:30 or so... I'm capped at 40kbps, but this is the 4th time it's been reseeded... when there are only 2-3 lined up like it's been, the torrent doesn't last long after it's seeded :thumb:

I'll leave the reseed request open since KC is mentioned as well, but in the future, try to keep each reseed request in its own thread so they're easier for me to manage. Thanx :)