View Full Version : Fresno DVD Disc 2

10.27.04, 01:22 PM
Looks like we might need a reseed on this one.
The sound on the fist Disc is Great, can't wait to hear the second :bow:


10.29.04, 05:51 AM
Bump bump

Yes, please. I didn't have a chance to jump on #2 right away, but I was watching the first disc, and man, audio is fantastic... the audio on the first DVD in this set rivals (and may beat) any of the 2004 audio boots I've heard thus far.

Please Please Please someone reseed the second disc. I'll even put a link to it for your convenience :D http://www.jamtothis.com/showthread.php?p=1255#post1255.

There are currently 7 people leeching the show, but no seeds. To date, 36 people have completed the download... hopefully someone will jump back on for us everyone.

11.04.04, 06:25 AM

11.06.04, 12:04 PM
Ok guys... 43 people have completed this download... there are still 6 leechers lined up. Will a couple of the downloaders, PLEASE reseed this show.

This is a sharing community, and you have to be willing to give back what you've taken if this place is going to work.

11.10.04, 03:18 PM
I'm seeding it right now EVH. Im giving 30kb (all of my upload) speed to it for two days. So jump on! I had to test it to make sure it downloaded properly. It did so download it.

11.10.04, 03:49 PM
Nice dude! Thanx a bunch!! I'll close up this request then!

You rock! :rock: