View Full Version : Wanted-jss Queen Convention Live Dvd 2003

10.08.05, 09:36 AM
Hoping Someone Has This To Trade..my List Is Well Over 500 Items...email Me If U Have This Jss/queen Dvd Please :)

10.08.05, 09:45 AM
That is an official release. We don't vine official releases here. Please purchase it at your favorite retailer. Thanks.

10.09.05, 12:14 PM
Exactly. I'll just walk right down to my nearest record store and pick one up.

Oh wait. I live in America. Nevermind.

10.12.05, 04:56 AM
amen..to that...again i only posted it cause you can't buy it naymore cause its out of print and not available..especially here in the states..... :(