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08.15.07, 05:22 AM
Bon Jovi

Show or Bootleg Title:
Bremen, Germany, 26-27 May, 1995

Show Venue:

Audio - Soundboard

Audio Quality/Production Info:
A - Very Good

File Format:

Set List/Chapters:
1. Wild In The Streets
2. Keep The Faith
3. Blood On Blood
4. Always
5. I'd Die For You
6. Dry County
7. Lay Your Hands On Me
8. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
9. Jumpin' Jack Flash
10.Rockin' All Over The World
11.This Ain't A Love Song

Checksums or Fingerprints:
01-Wild In The Streets.flac:fa4299bab84a1c0cafd2fec718b2987f
02-Keep The Faith.flac:dbf28f6264aa3beaef926c437e3f3ffd
03-Blood On Blood.flac:131b9423df55a4f7d806f4977dbdb968
05-I'd Die For You.flac:aa7dc19a8e78ad8143134b1a470df664
06-Dry County.flac:144816110b9dba6be9f72d0a41644afb
07-Lay Your Hands On Me.flac:1410428b691aaca629c86f67e1184098
08-I'll Sleep When I'm Dead.flac:a731ac372a4d2fbe0bfede3022b4e04c
09-Jumpin' Jack Flash.flac:3b44d3b79017df98f07317a9067beed7
10-Rockin' All Over The World.flac:4fd8dac495a3e1eb7f19a756585311ef
11-This Ain't A Love Song.flac:ce758466065870241456ac7760b6877b

The source of this recording is a CDR(1). It's a very good show and a great quality.

08.15.07, 05:42 AM
...The source of this recording is a CDR(1). I converted it to MP3 before I converted it to FLAC. It's a very good show and a great quality.

Please upload no .mp3 sourced material or the torrent will likely be pulled..Makes absolutely no sense to first rape to .mp3 and then compress it losslessly....Why don`t you torrent the proper actual files??

Here`s parts of the "house rules"

"No torrent may distribute any lossy compressed music, i.e. MP3, VQF, OGG, so long as the material is known or expected to be available to the trading community in better quality."

08.15.07, 06:12 AM
yep this one needs pulled