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10.18.04, 01:25 PM
Alright guys, it's time to get some motion going in these forums... not to mention, we all need something to do while we still have 20+ hours left on our torrents (work? what the hell is that?!?!?! :scratch: )

Obviously everyone here is a VH nut. I remember my first VH concert better than I rememeber losing my virginity (which happened three years later). I imagine this might be the case for alot of you guys.

I was hoping to use this thread as a medium to let everyone here give us a quick synopsis of their first VH show.

Me, I was eleven years old and my family was still living in the big apple at the time. i was fortuante to have a few older cousins that got me exposed to some quality music at an early age - I got plenty of doses of VH and The Who at a young age. I mean, how many 9-year olds do you know that help their Dad mow the yard to earn money to buy the new Fair Warning album? But I digress...

These same cousins brought me along for a little VH extravaganza. After waiting outside in the cold for days at a time, they hooked us up with front row tickets at Madison Square Garden (yes, I did say first row). Unforgettable experience!!! At age eleven I got to see Ed up close, caught a gutiar pick, and got to see my first pair of titties (God love groupies who want to humor a little eleven year old... :notme: ). That was the second night of the tour (March 31st) when they dropped what seemd like a million balloons from the rafters above (that was pretty cool hanging out in an ocean of ballons).

As with the rest of the 84 shows, it was an awesome setlist. I feel so blessed to have been able to see VH with Dave ( :chucks: ). I've been lucky enough to see some other landmark shows like the Dallas Free Show and the Blizzard Show at Fiddler's Green in Denver, but this one will always hold a special place in my heart. Man, it is 20 years later and I remember it like it was yesterday...

OK people, I wanna hear your stories!!! :thumb:

10.18.04, 01:33 PM
That was the second night of the tour (March 31st) when they dropped what seemd like a million balloons from the rafters above (that was pretty cool hanging out in an ocean of ballons).

Do you think this is a pic from that show?
VAPORIZER VOLCANO (http://volcanovaporizer.net/)

10.18.04, 01:42 PM
It could be... but I don't remember Al wearing that Georgia Chain Gang outfit like he has on in that pic. But to be honest, I wasn't really paying attention to what Al was wearing, I was pretty much following Ed around the whole time... :D

10.18.04, 02:33 PM
Worcester Centrum - 10/30/91 - F.U.C.K. Tour with Alice In Chains.

10.18.04, 02:41 PM
I've never been to one :notme:

10.18.04, 05:28 PM
I've never been to one :notme:


OK, it's time to start the "Let's get Eric to VH concert fund"...

10.18.04, 06:05 PM
They are going to be in my home town tomorrow night but I am going to skip it, concerts aren't really my thing there's too many people.

10.18.04, 08:25 PM
Well my first VH show was the Detroit show from this year and man it was totally fckin awesome!!! Just seeing Eddie and the boys on stage was amazing and then getting to hear the Greatest band in the world prove why they are the greatest band in the world man I just can't describe how awesome it was, from the first time everybody saw Eddie on the side of the stage people were standing, and we sung every word, the crowd was just great and VH kicked major ass, it was just fckin awesome, my ears were ringing and my voice was gone but I never felt better lol!! :thumb: VH RULES!!! :rock: :rock:

10.24.04, 07:57 AM
My first Van Halen show was at the Old Civic in Omaha NE.

The Show was on 6/23/84.

The band sold out 2 shows in like 2 hours.

I had friends that camped out overnight to get tickets. (no such thing as buying them online back then.....Times have changed)

My sister and I each paid for one of their tickets as a thank you..........Thinking back it was only like 12 or 13 dollars a seat back then.......lol (Again Times have changed)

The seating was GA so we had to show up about 8 hours before the show started so that we could run for our seats.....lol (Once again times have changed)

Man thinking back at how the experience of going to a concert has changed over the years it's wild.

I can remember the days when buying a ticket to a show and getting a t shirt cost about $20.....I'm getting old......lol