View Full Version : Van Halen - Hershey, PA - June 13, 2004

10.17.04, 01:58 PM
I had front row, center stage seats for this show. No golden rings, and I had a 5*. The show was great, although it was still early and they guys weren't incredibly tight... but I consider this night to be one of my greatest VH experiences ever.

From what I understand, there was an attempt to bootleg this show, but there were problems mastering the show. Could anyone confirm whether or not this show even exists to be shared?

If so, I'd give my left nut to have it :D

10.17.04, 02:26 PM
I'd give my left nut to have it :D

Ewwww.... :eek: :eek:
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10.17.04, 02:45 PM
HEY! You don't know how nice my nut is... don't "Eww" me! :D

10.24.04, 07:08 AM
I had a 5*pass to that show as well. I would love to have a copy. If it does exist, please e- mail. mark08_5150@yahoo.com


10.24.04, 12:34 PM
I have also heard there was at least an attempt to tape it as well. It was a good show...but, like ya said the band was not very tight at all.

I made it down to atlantic city in early september. I must say that it was MUCH better of a show. I'm hoping that a recording of that show pops up :D