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09.03.14, 09:30 AM
Anna-Charlotta Hellner conducted an interview with Dutch guitarist Adrian Vandenberg (WHITESNAKE, VANDENBERG'S MOONKINGS, VANDENBERG) for the VANDENBERG'S MOONKINGS Scandinavian Street Team. You can now listen to the chat below. Asked if he can ever see himself working with David Coverdale again in some capacity, Adrian told FaceCulture: "David and I always talked about it. Sooner or later, we're always gonna do something together because we just really enjoy it whether it's something acoustic or a blues album or whatever. That's definitely something, sooner or later, we're gonna dive into when the time is right, of course, because he's got WHITESNAKE and I've got MOONKINGS. And sooner or later, there's gonna be, like, a gap somewhere where we think, 'We're gonna drink some great wine and write some good songs together and do something with it.'" VANDENBERG'S MOONKINGS' self-titled debut album was released on February 24 via Mascot Label Group. "Vandenberg's Moonkings" is a sensational mix of blistering rock songs and powerful ballads from the Dutch guitar hero Adrian Vandenberg, and includes a newly recorded version of Vandenberg's ex-band WHITESNAKE's classic "Sailing Ships". Special guest David Coverdale adds his unique vocals to the equation, to complement Vandenberg's powerful riffs for a welcome moment of nostalgia. Asked how Coverdale's guest appearance on "Vandenberg's Moonkings" came about, Adrian told Myglobalmind: "Well, David has been pushing me a lot over the last ten years to record a record. Finally, when I told him that I was working on one, David said that 'it would be an honor for me if I could sing a song on your album.' I replied that the honor would be completely mutual. David was then on the road for the whole year, so we didn't have the time to write a new song. "I always wanted to do another version of [WHITESNAKE's] 'Sailing Ships', because I wrote the song and the music for it actually for my mom. She was always saying for me to write another acoustic song for the album. I originally intended it to be a little more understated than it ended up on the 'Slip Of The Tongue' album. I really thought that I could add something to it by making it a little bit more melancholic and more reflective. Bringing in real violins, which I had always pictured with it, so I made it a little slower. I thought it would be great to do a different version and also what I like about how it ends up on the album is that it is like a symbolic nod to my years with WHITESNAKE. I thought that it worked great, because if I had put like a new track somewhere in the middle of the album it would have been strange. David in the middle with a similar song." Multi-talented Adrian Vandenberg who has designed all of his album sleeves since his very first record with TEASER at the age of 22 took care of the artwork for this record. VANDENBERG'S MOONKINGS is: Adrian Vandenberg (guitar) Jan Hoving (vocals) Sem Christoffel (bass) Mart Nijen Es (drums) For more information, visit www.moonkingsband.com (http://www.moonkingsband.com/).

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