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The Nightmare Before Halloween
Format: Compact Disc (Homemade CD-R)

Label: Live 1 Productions 2004: Live 1 Records

Source: Pasadena Civic - Pasadena, CA - October 15, 1977

On Fire 2:53
Voodoo Queen 3:04
Atomic Punk 0:59
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 3:57
On Fire 2:54
On Fire 3:42
Feel Your Love Tonight 3:53
Runnin' With the Devil 3:38
Atomic Punk 4:15
Little Dreamer 3:13
Somebody Get Me A Doctor 3:54
Ice Cream Man 4:22
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 3:52
Eruption 4:06
D.O.A. 4:30
You Really Got Me 4:54

Total Time - 58:08

"Wrongly dated for far too long, it's now time to set the record straight. VH never played another show at the Civic after this date, so throw away all those 12/20/77 average sounding boots, and settle into this experience, complete with rehearsals."
Cover art shows the classic VH logo along with 4 color pictures of the band along with the show title in the center.
Inside back cover artwork shows the handbill for the show as well as the original images that were used on the handbill. Very cool! It also has the text from the first note.
The undertray artwork is a large classic VH logo with miniature versions running up the left edge so they can be visable through a clear tray.
Rear artwork shows the classic VH logo, the handbill along with show information and track listing.
Tracks 1-3 are instrumental tracks played during rehearsal.
Tracks 4 & 5 are tracks from rehearsal with DLR on vocals.
Tracks 6-16 are from the show itself.
Quality is very very good. This is the one and only copy of the last Pasadena Civic show you will want/need.
The artwork indicates, "Digital Remastering by Wooda".

This post would not be possible without the following people:
Wooda at www.diamonddavidleeroth.com - Original transfer and digital remastering
TwoFoolsAMinute - Original poster (1/22/05)

Personal highlight: Voodoo Queen - Check out the soundman soloing each individual instrument on the board to get the right levels...it's great this type of stuff exists. :rock:

Anyway, hope you all enjoy.

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Thanks in advance.

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