View Full Version : Van Halen Molson 1995

03.11.05, 12:28 PM
Hope this works, part 2... :bow:

03.11.05, 01:19 PM
Well, the 'Torrent Not Found' error is gone now, and it seems to be OK with resume, but no seeder? Thanks for all your efforts by the way, it is much appreciated.

03.13.05, 08:24 AM
Well, I have 3 peers, 0 seeders showing up in my client, but it is coming down (slowly). I'm at about 91.3% complete. So whoever is on with this, thanks a million. Once done, I will seed for a good long while.

Also, does anyone have any idea about the stats that are showing up on the site here? They're obviously not correct. I've uploaded more than the amount it is giving me credit in the last 24 hrs alone.

Anyway, again, thanks for putting this show back up. I can't wait till it's complete.

03.13.05, 08:30 AM
...no problem, sorry for the slow speed..

03.13.05, 09:01 AM
...no problem, sorry for the slow speed..

Hey, no problem at all.. believe me I'm more than happy it's coming down at all ;)

03.14.05, 01:36 PM
97.1% ... almost

03.14.05, 08:34 PM
I have been watching a tape of this one for years and now I finally have a good copy. Thanks to all involved. I will keep this running for a few more days.

03.14.05, 10:43 PM
Thanks Mr5150 :yay:

03.15.05, 01:58 AM
Finished! :) I'll seed this until more people manage to complete it as well. Thanks again.

03.15.05, 07:27 AM
I'm glad you made it....enjoy the show!

03.16.05, 11:22 PM
Hi friends, I would like to ask you something about this show. Is that true that there's also a version with jump and the seventh seal? And why these songs have been cut in our version?

Thank you.

Matteo (Italy).