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01.26.07, 05:23 PM
I am trying to get Van Halen 1980-05-26 and nothing is happening. :( I have a good ratio of 0.6 and I leave BitTorrent up all the time. Is that show still being seeded? Also, my ratio seems to be stuck @ 0.6 and Ive only downloaded 2 files. It doesnt look like anybody is uploading from me ...I have up the Demography and VH 1978 05-10 paris. are people still trying to get those? Is my winXP firewall causing problems? I want share these as long as they are needed. Im very new to torrents.

thanks so much for your time!! :bow:

01.27.07, 01:47 PM
Check the Troubleshooting forum, I've replied to you there.

Closing this.